This takes you over to an Ecwid eCommerce store, and is an example of what we can do together to get your website up and reaching customers.

Other examples of their one-page website are here: 50 Exemplary Online Stores Built With Ecwid.

Why am I sharing this with you, when you could go here and set up your store all on your own? I am in the hand-holding business. I am here to introduce you around and give you a sense of security. With your permission, I’ll continue to encourage you and to be available for additional work on your behalf.

WordPress Brochure Website

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This is a 3-5 page website that can best be thought of as a tri-fold brochure that you hand out to people. Once that brochure is out of your hands, though, you've no idea if it's read, crumbled in the floor of a car to be read in a drive through line, or piled up with other papers to be ignored.

On the web, though, a brochure website can be connected to your social media accounts, put on your business card and email signature line, and found via Google searches. In fact, it will be an active marketing partner for you and is imperative in our online world.


This package is for setting up your website and training you how to use it. There is a $49 monthly maintenance fee to cover hosting, updates and additional work on your website.

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