The Giving Bunny goes AMOK!

Final update! It’s been a busy couple of weeks since March 10th so here on March 27, I’m sharing final details!

This was a very successful project. The 108 bunnies were shared out in five states: Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some were released into the wild, others were handed out to people.

Want to see some video of the day? Nicole did an awesome job on that for us. Those of us traveling south have some pictures to share.



What is the take away? We had a blast doing this together. We made some people smile and yes, some will not be delivered until Easter at a children’s hospital so there’s some extended smiles going on there. And there is great anticipation about what our next project may be. I’m keeping my eyes out there on the interwebs for great ideas!












edit – There are lots of bunnies here! And we had so much fun, we plan to meet one more time before AMOK Day. Which has been announced! More information here.











1/31/2013 Edit: The gang is getting together this Saturday, 2/2/2013, to work on the bunnies. There will be pizza at noon for anyone who wants in; let me know at or via the FaceBook group. We are up to 85 naked bunnies done! Naked bunnies are not wrong, that IS their natural state after all. Still, they are cute with clothes on and I hope to have pictures soon.



We are planning our own Giving Bunny Project, releasing small cloth bunnies into the world for people to find and take home.  Looks like fun and so far no one has done this in Rochester! We feel this is a good project for people who want to do something fun, want to meet new people, and who have a whimsical streak to their hearts. I think I will have to hide and peek to see who finds one of the bunnies I release for adoption. Maybe! Or maybe I’ll just walk away from my bunny, trusting that someone will find and adopt her.

What the bunnies are supposed to look like.

 The Giving Bunny Project calls for us to leave the bunnies about randomly, and we will be supporting that choice. Also, one of the project’s captains suggested that it may be fun to let people gift bunnies to people and that’s a good idea, too. Experiencing generosity is one of the outcomes of Bunny Surprise and if this would make a bunny-helper happy, more power to him!

Anyone can come help sew bunnies. Anyone who has been involved in sewing can help share out the bunnies. People have been invited to help out and can invite others, just let the captains know so they bring enough cookies. There is a FaceBook page set up and an email group as well. To get on the email group, contact one of the captains: Jonya Pacey (jonya at or Rachel Gray (anplica at

Where are the bunnies going to go? Well, certainly here in Oronoco where I live, and in Rochester where Rachel lives. It also depends on who joins us – bunnies love to travel and will go wherever we take them, sharing happy bunny hugs with anyone who wants to adopt one. The captains are inviting Scouts, neighbors, church-family and friends to take part.

The first session is on Saturday, January 19 and the location depends on  how many of you want to take part. Please contact one of us and let us know if you will be there.

There will be another sewing day in February. In early March, the final sewing session will happen and this one will be the mega-planning meeting where bunnies will be divided up between the bunny-helpers who are dropping them around. Expectations to report back will be reviewed.

Then before Easter weekend, we are going to scatter bunnies around for adoption. I think it’s going to be so much fun!

More information will go to this page, so be sure to bookmark it and revisit. You could also ask to be on the email group or you can join the FaceBook group.













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