Pine Island Shooting Club is moving today

Van just left, iron-toed boots on his feet, to help pack up all the iron and targets and blue barrels and other things that make up a shooting club. They need to get their stuff out of the old buildings. I don’t know where they are putting it, nor have I driven north on hwy 52 to see what is going on with the new facility. Van says it’s coming right along and he’s happy when he says it so yeah for that. The 200 yard range will be nice for people with rifles to target in and the new club house is huge! Can’t wait for the open house – I will go to that. Too busy cleaning my own house to help them today, even if they need me and since people are coming from other clubs from other cities to help, well it sounds like a party to me!

Supporting local businesses revisited

I should spend more time at the Post Bulletin website. Not only to be encouraged to do thrifty things like make my own Christmas bags, an idea I’ve played around with for years now…but to find out what public events are going on that I can attend. Check out what the politicians are doing. Of course I only get access to 15 articles a month and after that need to pay and that’s how they make their money. I’ve already used up my quota here this morning, checking on those poor horses in Fillmore County and scanning through articles on the political scene. Get coupons to local eateries.

*puts note on EverNote* I was up late last night messing around with moving emails over to EverNote and continuing to implement the GTD schema that I mentioned yesterday. I did talk about it here, right? Hum…Here’s a link to The Secret Weapon just in case. Anyway, that’s where my brain stayed all night and popped right back into sorting and cleaning up emails and files when I got up, aaand that led me into thinking about local markets for some reason OH! I remember. I’m decorating the house today, starting the process anyway, and that’s one of the things in the ToDo list. And I do not have time to make my own new decorations nor do I necessarily want to buy them from China, which means a craft fair. I used to find local stuff like listings for craft fairs in the Post Bulletin.

We stopped taking it when we moved to Oronoco – frankly, I think we have enough paper waste coming into the house. But an online subscription would fit the bill. I am seeing a special right now, too.

Well. Lots to do today. Laters!



Let the wild rumpus start!

Oh wait! This is life, isn’t it? Just one more project to undertake.

I am putting into motion my application for a master’s program at the University of Minnesota. Right now it’s ordering transcripts; unofficial ones are all that is needed for an initial certification program, sent to me so I can scan them and send them in. I find it odd to be ordering transcripts from a school I attended decades ago; I barely remember that girl or her classes.

The certification program has a pretty easy application process. But make a sad face here, one of the two classes offered this Spring is already closed. I’d go on a waiting list, possibly. I’m going to start with the certification just to get back into the swing of studying and to give me time to get all the bits I need for the formal application to grad school.

There. I hear the printer finishing up so I can go sign, scan and email in a non-degree seeking student application. Until those transcripts get here I can’t do more than that.

Until Spring semester starts, I will continue working through the  MS SQL Server certification prep course work. Still not sure if I’m going to take the certification test as this is my life-long-learning plan and I don’t need certification to keep my job.

Mostly, this evening is about a headache and sinus gunk and left-over drugs from a Nyquil-induced rest. Hopefully the cold is nipped; I’m taking a wrap into work tomorrow, though. I’ve had this headache for about three weeks now, but the last few days the afternoons have been horridly painful. Maybe a comfy wrap will help. It’s certainly not a wolf suit.

During my workouts, I’m reading David Allen’s Making It All Work, which is proving to be an excellent book on both encouraging me to continue to practice what I already know about personal information management but also is really making me think about things I thought I already knew, thinking about them differently. The things I am thinking about is what is fueling this next project, in case you are wondering what’s going on here.

“And the walls became the world all around.” ― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are


No MBA for me, but yes to the U!

Brain dump while I’m waiting for coffee. So the MBA conversation at UMR was useful to me. Speaking frankly with someone regarding the details helped me verbalize that I’m not going to thrive under that program; too much accounting. Some of the other aspects of the degree would be interesting though. So…this is not part of my own life-long learning plan.

I am going to take a self-study course for server administration, on my own time and my own nickle (it’s a free one on line) and decide if I want to invest in the five-day course to prepare for exam 70-432, the first step in the certification process. I don’t need to do this for my job but I’m the type that gets impatient with filling in skills as needed, and I think I would be happier if I knew I had familiarity with the bits of server maintenance that I don’t have to use all the time. When I was doing project management work, I read books and took classes at Carlson and hung out at PM blogs…when I was running the help desk, I read books and hung out on blogs and LinkedIn groups. You never know what knowledge can be useful. Anyway, this is being added to the next couple month’s of my life.

And I’m starting the process of entering a graduate program at the U…

OOPS! I kinda fell into the internet here, reviewing and reading and now I’m going to be late to work. So much on my mind that is not hitting the keyboard! Trust me, it’s very exciting stuff! Of course I got lost thinking and planning!

MBA? More Vitamins?

What a busy day so far! I’ve not yet got back to the project I was working on when I left last night, but I’m on the desk this afternoon and there are the usual fires. I’ve taken a moment to grab a copy of my resume; I have an appointment this afternoon to talk to someone about an MBA program. Remember a few weeks ago where I was thinking about what was going to be best for the next phase of my own Life Long Learning contract with myself? Well the appointment I set up way back then is today.

I’ve also been spending extra time learning about server management, sure, and considering programs to prepare me for certification.

Choices. To keep my brain from exploding I’m being careful to take the B Complex vitamin. Seriously helps me, and this is a big decision. But I’m kinda excited to gather the information so I can choose!

Songs from a Funeral

Listening to YouTube while fighting views in Horizon, came across the clip from Jim Henson’s funeral. Listen and not smile, I dare you. Grabbing the list.



Lydia the Tattooed Lady

It’s in Every One of Us

Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear

Halfway Down the Stairs

Cottleston Pie

I’m Going to Go Back There Someday

Wemblin’ Fool

You Are My Sunshine

Just One Person