Plans for 12/12/12? Video the day alongside thousands of us

Forwarding this cause the video is really lovely on this page. Also it’s a cool project. Just video ‘what you have” and “what you need” and share it.

Do you have any way you are going to commemorate 12/12/12? I’ve not thought about it much. There are a lot of posts popping up now on my wall from the Pages I follow, but not so much from the real people out there, so I was curious. Have I missed a memo?

Anyway, here’s one idea.


Paleo: Day 5, part two

I had a great day! Until about 2…the eye twitches suddenly turned into ocular migraine and I fled SELCO for a dark room w a pillow over my head. The pill started working and although I have had to stay in a darker room not doing much, I did not go into full migraine. But it scared me.

Research has lead me to understand that at times a change to a person’s diet can lead to migraines, and conversation on a discussion list has given me examples of other people who have had the same experience. The migraine potential is there but it will pass if I stay resolved.

Still, a bit annoying.

Paleo Day 5

Boo found a green bean that escaped from the skillet last night and he’s patty-pawing it all over the house. Won’t eat it or let Alice eat it, and I am of a mind to leave it sit in the middle of the living room until it dries up just because it is harmless and amuses me.

Day five of the new eating scheme and I am starting my day with scrambled eggs and kale. Must be something I will get used to cause as the eggs cool the kale flavor is stronger and a bit putting off, but I learned to like avocado so I will stick with it.

Work out is done. I’ve not started getting ready for work and must again write in. Probably should just make that official.

Blah! Ok, I,m done.

On a positive note, though, my mind is clearer and workouts are easier. Not lost any weight but the first thing is just to get to eating this way. I read a really good blog while on the treadmill, which I will share once I’m at a desktop. You’ll like it, it’s full of scary facts about factory food.


Oronoco Park and Trails Meeting

I got lucky. This month’s meeting was held at the home of committee member Shirley Kingsley-Berg, a comfortable, welcoming home. Graciously welcomed in, introduced around, sat at a family-sized table.

Lance ran the meeting and we got through the agenda – I’m not going to go into the details as that’s not my place. I can talk about my thoughts and experiences. I learned more about Oronoco’s  parks and trails and the committee’s wishlist. I did not know where River Park is and now I do, and I know that citizens are working cooperatively with the city to lock and watch over use of the park after it became a place for undesirables to hang out.  We talked about the donation from the Gold Rush committee to Park and Trails, proposed green space and other uses of parks and other city lands.

After the meeting, I learned more about the city’s community – Lance is recruiting volunteers for the food shelf as he does not want to see any of his volunteers get burnt out. I did not know that we had a dance hall by the lake in the early days of the last century, nor did I know we had a bar called the Sunken Heaven. And that I can get pancakes, sausage, coffee and juice for $5 at the VFW on certain Sundays.  And I had a good time talking to the committee members; two hours passed so quickly.

So here was another meeting where the need for more volunteers is discussed. I think the question isn’t how to get more volunteers, though, I think it is more how to convince more people that it is fun to participate in their physical neighborhood and their city’s projects. How to build anticipation of getting together again with those people that do that really neat stuff and can’t wait to do some more of it cause it’s fun! And look! This thing, it’s cool and going to last awhile and people are going to use it and be glad. These trees, they are going to grow and provide shade and shelter. The feeling that comes with “this stuff I’m doing, it’s good for where I live and I’m glad to be part of it” – that’s what we need to provide. And public recognition so people feel obligated to say ‘yes’ when you ask them again, and you will cause there is always another project but it’s not a reluctant ‘yes’ but a warm one.

We need the volunteer version of a ‘staycation,’ where people decide to get involved in their local city rather than taking their volunteer hours elsewhere. We also need to find those people who don’t think they have any value to the community and convince them else-wise.

Oh, and we need actual identified planned projects for people to volunteer to help with and we need to have a way for them to know about those opportunities in a timely, nagging, enthusiastic sort of a way. There may be all sorts of ways I could be of more use to my community of which I am unaware. I bet I’m not alone in that.

Listen to me and my “We Needs!” like I know best. Ha! But I do have some thoughts, I think they are good ones, and I want to keep participating and being involved, being useful. Oh, and I need to stop watching the local announcement channel – those pancakes on the VFW ad look really yummy. Tempting but also poison for me, I know. Bed time. Night!


Paleo Day 4: Back to work

Packing food today was interesting; I need to be able to grab food quickly to stow in the cooler so I can get out the door cause I never allow myself enough time – hard to peel the book away from my nose sometimes. I’d not a good job prepping last night for being able to just grab and go today.

Anyway, there’s some veggies in there and some porkchops to cut up in the salad and some fruit. The one frozen meal I was able to find at Trader Joe’s is in the freezer; maybe if I keep eating veggies I won’t have to break into it. It’s my hold-out meal. And I am trying to hold out, lol, as I continue to work through that jittery craving for simple carbs of sugar, and of rice and other wheat replacements. I sometimes think my brain hates me, it freaks out so.

I’m working on creating a non-editable copy of a view, and I’m watching a clean up script run, and I’m also talking to someone about how to best handle this other issue, and my brain does not want to multitask cleanly today. This fourth thing is killing it. Sending this post out to the interwebs now; more about my search for a local paleo group last night in a future post.

Thank You Very Much, Pinners

Every time I look at someone’s pin via FaceBook and then I go on to browse this person’s Pinterest account, I have guilt. Cause you see, I don’t really use Pinterest as it is not as nicely integrated in how I want to refind all my information at a later date. I’m using EverNote for just about everything that lasts longer than a grocery list or a scribbled potential blog post needs to last. I can’t share Evernote  – well, won’t share cause it would be like sharing my desk and file folders and that stack of unresolved papers over in the corner.

Anyway, I always find interesting things so I feel like a real user and my social obligation programming kicks in and I have guilt for not participating fully in the social networking world.

Then I get over it.

But because I’ve never said this, to Everyone Who Pins: Thank You! Your pins often delight me and if I start browsing I can easily come back to reality much later with my mind full of ideas. Ideas which I’ve put into EverNote because I never remember to come back to my own pins.


Nothing much to report so I will anyway!

Van and i went to a holiday party tonight at Mayo Civic Center for Coyote Creek and Riedel  Foods employees: a meal, lots of good people, a cash bar, and a band. I’d not ever seen Hairball – they are a tribute band, I think it is called. Good music, great stage presence. And much dancing on the floor. Not just those of us who might have seen these songs performed on stage in the early days of the original bands’ tours, either; some of those younger ladies were very enthusiastic.

It’s been a pretty good day. other than one bite of Van’s pizza, I stayed on the correct foods all day. In fact, I just had a snack of tuna and red pepper sticks! I got lots of little chores done, including hemming the jeans I’m wearing and de-junking the counter. And tomorrow I’ll do some more. Time for bed! Night!