Obamacare’s Death Spiral is fake news – #Trumpcare is in a death spiral (I hope)

First – this is the article from The Washington Post I’ve just read: The GOP masterminds behind Obamacare’s ‘death spiral’ It’s an opinion piece dated 3/14/17 and written by Dana Milbank.

For me, this is the key takeaway statement: “Slightly more than 2 million people, mostly in rural areas, don’t have competitive plans to choose from and are seeing huge premium increases. Congress could have fixed that by giving insurers incentives to participate in those markets. Instead, Republican lawmakers refused to help insurers and then crowed when insurers complained.”

Republicans thwarted every effort to fix ACA during the presidency of Mr. Obama. I watched them – they stalled, they complained, they worked against any positive changes that would strengthen the ACA’s usefulness to more people.

Now, in the time that Trumpcare is being revealed,  I read that within four years the number of us without affordable healthcare will again rise to at least and probably above the level of the pre-ACA days. They are setting this up for older people pay higher premiums, and they are taking away mental health support for people using Medicaid. The tax reductions for the rich are annoying, too…come on. We see what you are doing there.

What I’m going to do about this: I will tell my representatives what I think, again. I think at least once a week is enough.

There is no bill number to follow yet, so I’ll keep an eye open. As well, I’ll keep an eye open for rallies and the like to show my support for keeping ACA. When the bill comes out, I will call the sponsors and the people on the committees. And yes, I’ll keep an eye open for other things I can do.

Rebooting the Universe

This is a stake-in-the-ground sort of weekend for me. I’m taking on new responsibilities and rearranging others. My brain wants me to do some things and my bank account demands I do others. Curious? Read on.

rebooting the universe starts with me

Firstly, the bank account – to feed it, I’ve taken a second part-time job at the Hampton Inn & Suites, Rochester, doing pretty much what I’m doing at the Rochester Public Library. Today at the library, I heard myself ask someone “are you ready to check out?” and realized I’d be using that same phrase at both jobs. I’ll be helping people find certain locations and talking about things to do in town and providing excellent customer service. I’m good at that. And I think I will enjoy the hospitality industry.

Every day. Also with the exercising, being creative and enjoying time outdoors working on the yard. Every day!

My brain wants me to keep lists. Lists of things around the house that I need to take care of is one of the most yell-ful things it is asking for right now. Things like washing windows and painting walls, cleaning the kitchen cabinets and the like. Another list I’m keeping is what plants i see that I like and when they are blooming. There are some lovely bells on stalks on the bridge at 19th Street N over Hwy 52 blooming right now, for example. I’m going to give up the veggies in the garden and move to planting florals and dye plants and visually interesting things.

My web design and digital marketing business is not disappearing but going through a reboot. I got to figure out how to get the determination back, really- I love Rochester Fiber's small sheepworking with people and I love seeing projects come to fruition, and I don’t know what my problem is. Probably a mental block thing and I need to be gentle with myself for a bit, regroup, and then keep on. This will give me time to do some really good thinking and planning. I will continue supporting my existing customers, but not worry about expanding at the moment. And I’m giving myself the time necessary to do this as long as I do something every day. Every day. Also with the exercising, being creative and enjoying time outdoors working on the yard. Every day!

And one of the largest things I want to do is be sure I’m a good citizen for the rest of this year. OMG I have got to know what is going on in the local level for all the other offices, and make good decisions. Van is with me on this one, btw, and while I’m not sure yet how we are going to go about it, we want to have thoughtful, non-angry conversations about various candidates and really feel we are able to vote with our consciousnesses. I don’t want to talk about the presidential elections! But what about local and state offices? I’ve some research to do on this one.

So I’m rebooting a lot more than just my business, aren’t I? Not the universe, just pieces of my own part of it! I think that will be more than enough.

Sadness of cake

I ate a muffin yesterday. It was a pretty good muffin even though there was a small packet underneath the paper wrapper that said “Do Not Eat” because it was a packaged muffin and I suppose they didn’t want it to get soggy in the days and weeks until I ate it. I couldn’t help but think this was the sort of food that The Walking Dead crew should hope to find. A muffin packaged to stay fresh for a long time and maybe even through the zombie apocalypse. Maybe with a side of chocolate pudding.

No pudding for me, not for a while. I’m on the Nutrisystem program, working to reset my metabolism that has gotten really efficient at storing fuel these last few years. My intent is to stay on this thing until I loose some weight AND have reset the system, which probably means I should get off this chair and in to the workout room.

At least I’m not having to wait an hour to work out anymore, not unless it’s right after I eat a huge salad. heh. Small blessings.

I’m taking a short break from work while waiting for Lightroom to finish downloading; then I need to get back to it. I’ve scheduled work until about March 1st, then things peter out but who knows what will happen in the meantime? I’m also learning PHP via Lynda.com (which I get for free using my Rochester Public Library card), I’m still working part-time at RPL (and loving it) and continuing to improve Rochester Fiber’s website as well. But I still need to work out today. So I can refit my metabolism and maybe have a piece of cake once in a while.



Weekly Roundup

I didn’t get very far before I ran into trouble. I am going to quit, sort of…

Sarah Arrow has an excellent 30 Day Blogging Challenge program. Daily emails kept me interested and on track with her challenge’s progress. In the 12 or so days I kept up with the reading, I found good suggestions and encouragements. It is a directed progress to being a better writer and blogger. But I’ve decided it’s not the program for me.

And I’d looked at dozens of these before deciding to try Sarah’s program. It’s not her material and expectations, it’s me and my needs and expectations. And I did learn from this short run. Working through this has helped me clarify that I need to admit I don’t have one article a day in my head, but I can keep notes and when I’ve the time, I can churn out 3 or four in a day and schedule them out. I also need to have a mixture of information on my professional website, and that’s the one I need to be working on for income and business growth. So I’ll take what I’ve learned about myself and move forward and make more things happen, some of them here and some elsewhere.

Rounding up the week’s events…well? We had a really nice snow on the eighth and then a couple of others that just whitened it back up out there. It’s amazing how quickly snow becomes dirty, isn’t it? And I went to a meeting on Wednesday that was perfectly timely. It was about HootSuite but more about being efficient and effective with the app. The people are great, the energy awesomely intense and I’ve already made my life easier by applying some of what I learned. If you live in Rochester and use social media, you should consider joining us.

These last ten days have been good. I’ve worked consistently and my energy is up. I’m doing yoga regularly. The future is rolling towards me and I’m not exhausted with worrying about what is going to happen and if I can be sufficient, or who I’m going to let down, or that something awful is approaching. It’s All Good. See you again soon!

woman working on laptop on a mountain top


Just a great day…so far!

Ever wake up just convinced everything is going well? Me neither – least ways, not very often. But today I did and it’s just been rolling forward on the positive.

After a strong session at the computer this morning, I headed to Zumbrota to go shopping for a new dress. Found one at Phenomenal Women, on sale, and a nicely coordinating jacket-thing to help make it pop. Plus a linen shirt from Travelsmith, one of my favorite lines and also on sale.

Walked down to Artify to see Stacy and found Nancy Ellison was there. It’s her regular Friday at the shop. That was a nice surprise! She shared about some interesting events in 2016 – I’ve dug around and cannot find any links. Google Fail, here.

After a too-short catch-up with the two of them, I headed into Rochester for a zip through Savers (found a picture with sheep in it, turns out it is a poor reprint of a cutdown of a work by Joseph Farquarson), then got my hair cut and now I’m home.

And the day isn’t over yet, either.

Nature is making craft supplies!

IMG_1915I went out to try to make a snowman and failed. I just don’t have the patience to learn to roll a good snowball, even a small one. And when I *did* get a base for my snowman rounded out, it sank into the snow so far it wasn’t a base but a basement, and I gave up.

Van is out cleaning out the back driveway. He’d not done this the previous snowfall but it’s fairly warm at 33 degrees F and he’s on a roll. IMG_1923

Here are some happy pictures of things that Nature crafted today. Or upcycled, maybe would be best; the structures were there all along.

This is a fluffy little post for the blogging challenge I’m doing. Post nine – day 13. All good, I think about blogging more consistently now and worked yesterday to get the autoposting connected to the other website. And to get HootSuite to connect Twitter to the right blog, not the wrong one. Still working on that, maybe a bit later today.

I’ve got to get back to work but it was just such a temptation to run outside with the camera this morning and help Van a bit as well. I can shovel just fine. Just can’t build a snowman.

The best of Keeping It Real week one

If you’ve been following along, you know I’m working on a 30 Day Challenge. And I’m behind but that’s what it is; I’m not going to shove paying work to one side while trying to push out some form of a blog post every day. Today’s post is directly from the Challenge and I’m interested in seeing what sort of response I get from this format; a couple of days ago, I did a personal Weekly Wrap Up. Here is a ‘best of’ post to recap the posts from the same time period.

The week started at after I’d just freaking had it with all the ways and places I had to touch in order to update my Apple ID. I still haven’t fixed the iPad’s iCloud account… Never ever change your Apple ID. It’s hard.

I fixed my jeans was a fun little post about accountability. And, I suppose, about fiber. I wrote it AFTER My Three Words but because I’d actually started the draft before, my blogging app posted it in that order.

I love the way the header picture behaves on My Three Words. When the page first loads, the word MY is all you see. Scroll a bit and the woman’s skyward eyes show up. And yes, this was an important post about my intent at exploring concepts and practices of ‘confidently,’ ‘fiber,’ ‘ and ‘accountable’ during 2016. You should read it if you missed it before this.

My Editorial Calendar came in to being with So that’s how this works.

I started a ritual of doing a personal weekly roundup post from this website. Added it to my calendar, too. And the more I look at the title, the more I see weed killer…

And finally, on January 5, I feel a coldness coming on warned you of my cold (KEEP AWAY!) and my busy day on Wednesday. Which it was.

And that was the week’s posts! I’m pleased with the start I have made. If you would like to get this recap as an email in your inbox, sign up below. But I have to warn you, I’m not necessarily going to be creating one of these on a regular basis for this website. So by signing up below, you are also agreeing to receive similar emails from Rochester Fiber, my website about local Southeast Minnesota fiber people, farms, shops and events. That is where I want to return my attention and energy.


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