I’ve been writing a post about religious celebrations. It’s not going so well so I abandoned it to draft form, and am now just going to play.

Also I’m going to write this post using voice dictation here on my MAC. This is new to me on the website and I’ve not done this before. And like anything, I will have to learn to use it. But I do using it on the telephone. This is a nice way of doing brainstorming, I get a lot of stuff out of the page quickly. And then go back in later and edit it.Maybe that’s how some people are able to write so much. I do tend to think faster than I can type. I’m noticing that when I hesitate it seems to do weird things. And it’s not putting spaces between the sentences which should be. There’s a cat about to get on the table. I don’t know why but all the cats seem to think they need to jump on my table and then walk all over the computer. Is very annoying. But I don’t like locking them out, I do like their company.

I think I’m going to have to leave that paragraph along Just so you can see what it looks like. I’m hoping as time goes on the audio will pick up my voice better and make more sense so I don’t have to do as much editing.

Man, this is bad. I feel like a mush mouth. Although I’m trying to speak slowly and clearly, I don’t think it’s working so well. Also I’m sitting on my hands so I’m not gesturing them around and can concentrate on talking. Nevertheless I will keep working on it and proceed as if success is inevitable. Because I have editing capabilities and I will make this text readable. My iPhone certainly works better than this thing though.

OK, I’ve edited this post on my computer. Heavily edited. When I got into the post, I found that the document full of the <div> and <br> html coding bits and it was totally unreadable. Also, blocks didn’t do well at all. If I had to depend on a voice-to-text editor to write my posts, I’d go a bit ragey.