One more pound down! Slowly is fine, as long as it keeps going that way.

The keto eating style hasn’t really been all that hard, as long as I don’t start the day with starchy breads and sugar in my coffee. And Van has been a trouper about eating alongside me, adding bread to his meals or eating out for his starchy meals. And not chiding me about times, like Thanksgiving, when I choose to break plan.

But I’ll confess that a week with no change was sad. I’m a constant scale-watcher and I know that’s bad. And I also know that I set my goals, the number of calories and fat grams and carb grams, to be one pound a week. It’s working the way I told it to work.

Enough of this. I have to get to Crossings, then I’m helping with the Bob Ross Paint-a-Long at the library tonight. So I’m already late! Just it’s good news, and I wanted to share it.