112-year-old Minnesotan celebrates birthday | Rick Kupchellas – BringMeTheNews.com

And she’s preparing for the future with this canning of peaches! Her actions tell me she is planing to be around to eat them.

She is believed to be the oldest person still living alone, in farmhouse near Potsdam, Minn., 15 miles north of Rochester, the newspaper reports. She won’t even let someone come in to help her clean. She recently canned peaches and froze sweet corn for the winter.

via 112-year-old Minnesotan celebrates birthday | Rick Kupchellas – BringMeTheNews.com.

Of course, the other option is that she’s acting out of habit, out of ‘if its fall, it’s canning season’ niggling necessity born of repetition, but I’d prefer to think of this as an act of optimism.

Someone recently mentioned Anna Stoehr to me and I’m not sure who that was, but if you see this post, say ‘hey’ at me, ok?


Woad Blue

First dip. And I have to let it cool down so I can go to bed so I am going to let these samples dry.


Both the linen and the wool fabric has this odd white space. Weird. Also as it cooled down, a lot of the indigo precipitated out and is just there at the bottom of the pot. Liles said to reheat and redeoxidize and then redid, but tht is tomorrow. Night!

It Frosted Last Night! I Better Process the Woad

I just cleaned up a bunch of yucky plants from the garden. Stupid frost killed the green beans, the melon vines, and the green peppers, and damaged the tomatoes. Before the woad leaves get destroyed, I am going to pick them all and boil them up. Jenny Dean says, in Wild Color, to process them to a step just before adding the chemical to remove the air, and bottle the liquid up to the top so no air gets to the solution.

I can do this.

Taking a question to FaceBook before I start boiling water, though. http://fiberarts.ca/woad%20extraction.html suggests boiling the leaves to break down the plants enough to extract more woad.  This site also does not mention adding the thiourea dioxide. Her new site: http://fiberarts.ca/blog/, is really nice but I’m not finding this article mirrored there.

#MNBlogCon cheesecake was awesome!

The final treat of the day was from Muddy Paws Cheesecake. Very good, definitely has my vote as the best food I’ve had all day, and that potato bar was hard to beat. Skipping the session on podcasting as I am suddenly exhausted. Plus the brain is full…more when I get home and more organized.

#MNblogCon Trent Kays- building credibility with audiences though writing

Exigency and Kairos in terms of blogging. Trent is a teacher at the U, FYI. Create change,give hope, share information are some reasons to blog.

Post when people are going to be on, if your audience is business-centric, do not post at midnight, you will catchRSS readers later but the fb or twitter audience is lost.

Rhetorical motive. What do you want me to do?

And I am not doing so well at blogging this one. Too many interesting suggestions coming through. Those power points linked to the web will be useful as review. Also, I’d rather just listen and enjoy.

#MNblogCon Rick Kupchella- bring me the news

So I am waiting while people come take their seats. I am live blogging this event, in case you are wondering why these posts are so choppy. And disjointed. But these are honest comments about what I am experiencing here today.

He sees parallels between children books and news broadcasting, and since he as worked on both he has experience.

What is long form news broadcasting? Evening news. Ienetwork.com. Informed engagement network that focuses in documentaries on healthcare. Minnesota area. The news advertising dollars have gone radically down since 1999, like a third is left. So….to drive content within a topical area, who will both produce and fund a documentary? Did an obesity piece and then another for the Biggest Loser MN. Want to go look up this URL and check out more.