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  • What is Healthing? And How am I Doing This?

    What is Healthing? And How am I Doing This?

    Hello, my friends! I did not make up that word ‘healthing,’ btw. It’s in Urban Dictionary so it’s an official word that I’m claiming as I work towards a better, happier, more limber self. I’m healthing for more time with my family, for camping, for crafting, for tending to my home. Healthing towards travel. Diabetes…

  • Unfound in Capen Park

    Unfound in Capen Park

    Capen Park Cache v3.0: GC1Q5RA, Difficulty 1.5, Terrain 2, Regular container, Placed 2009. This explore was on Wednesday, May 10th. I needed to get to the inventory for the next estate sale we were holding but since I only had one to do I took advantage of the pretty day. Capen Park is best known…