Can you be slightly sensitive to peanuts?

I had a bag of trail mix that has a lot of peanuts in it. I just finished a handful and I can feel my throat tightening up. I’m wondering if I have a sensitivity to the peanuts or was it something else maybe something in the environment?  I’ve spent several months cleaning food out of my diet that I have trouble with and I keep noticing new reactions to things. Like this reaction is a reaction I’ve had before but I never paid much attention to it, and now I am.

Crazy! What sort of a rabbit hole am I falling down with all these food sensitivities?

I don’t feel this is more than a restriction and is in no danger of actually closing down my air, btw.

UPDATE: I have the final three of these symptoms that came on shortly after eating peanuts. More testing needed though.


One tiny community story

This was written about suicide and prevention and community and says some good stuff but then the Bloggess always does. Most important line for me is:

There are no ultimate  solutions.  There are no answers to the questions of “why?”  There is only us.  And that’s one hell of a thing to be proud and happy for.   — via

The article is one I’m parking here so I’ll go reread it when I need to do so but also so you will see it.

Baby Worshiping Party is Delayed

Our Holiday plans are changing a bit. I’m very disappointed that Ginny and her family are not going to be travelling up on the 27th but then we don’t have to worry about them on the road either, which with two children under 5 and a drive from the middle of Missouri could be rough. And she and Hazellyn will be coming up by train for a whole week later in January! That’s pretty awesome! I’m excited about that.

So if I’d invited you over to meet the baby – Come Later. We’ll be letting you know the dates when we know the dates, K?

We had an excellent party today at Liz and Jason’s place. Yummy food, good company, lots of conversation. I’d slept in (bad booze the night before. I found a Bailey’s knock-off that immediately gave me a headache and I couldn’t quite believe it so I had a second one…) Anyway, sleeping in made it a bit of a rush this morning and NO WORKOUT happened. Not sure it’s going to happen this evening, either; I think I’m going to be sewing and drinking more wine. And maybe some old movies.

Been a good day so far, even with this kinda-OKfine-‘do what is best’ news. At least I know they are thinking ahead! Being smart!

Despite this morning’s rational discussion about firearms, I want to dance

 So I got buried in reading rather than doing my workout, and now I’ve eaten. Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking and following series has caught me up, plus I spent about 30 minutes reading facebook posts and responding this morning. Hard to respond on the treadmill.

Lame excuses.

This song is going through my head nonstop; woke up with it and every time I focus on the music, I visualize myself as busy and productive and happy about physical labor. And I also have this lovely long list of things to do to get ready for the holiday celebration.

Christmas is not on Tuesday for me, it’s when my kids and their families can come into my home. It’s about getting together with friends. It’s about spending time with Van doing stuff we want to do together.

We tried to find a Chinese-food restaurant that was going to be open in Rochester on Christmas day so we could take part in that particular meme. So far no good so maybe we will just cook it up here. We have the know-how for basics even though I’m going to buy eggrolls ahead from my favorite  place.

AND NOW I’VE SPENT 40 MINUTES ON THE NATIONAL SAFETY IN REGARDS TO FIREARMS DISCUSSION! I’m a moron or I’m part of the solution, I can’t decide which, except I think I’m going to feel more like a moron if I don’t do something than if I do.

I’m going to go spread hugs and love when I can. That I can do.

Fah. lalalalala.


Quick! An update!

Slippery silk is slippery…bet you know that already, huh? The blue and gold dress is almost done except for the pesky seam finishing which I don’t dare skip. It’s a lovely color, this blue. I hope I can get some handkerchief linen ordered and a nice-enough-for-this-dress underdress also made by 12th Night.

Kicked off another night of the ever-running reindexing. Still doing call number reindexes, too. This is the fourth night of this, then I move onto other indexes.

This is day 12 of eating as Paleo as I can stand. I found a phrase I like this evening: grain-free. It’s an eating pattern that eliminates wheat, rice, barley, meal, oats and food made from them. Here is a partial list. I found out that I cannot stop eating Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookies and that about six of them is enough to make me sick. Today was not a happy day, it was rather grim-faced.

I have a headache tonight so going to bed early. Night!

One of my dreams come true

Almost. I’ve always said I could do my work from a hot tub in Vegas, if I had to do so, and tonight it came true.  Almost. I *am* in one of my favorite places, my own home. And I was just answering emails and that not on my laptop but on my smart phone which was being held outside of the hot tub. Well, and I suppose I didn’t have to do this but I kinda wanted to write this post.


I was doing some work on WebReporter this afternoon and finished it up at home, in between working out and eating dinner. Now more of the call number reindex is running; I need to get up above 707,000 bibs to find out if it’s going to reorder something that is causing magazines not to file by call number.

Going to bed a bit early! Very tired tonight for some reason.

There is much beauty out here on the internet

Eco Cat Lady’s Grandmother

This is a link to a wonderful post about Thanksgiving and cooking and families and cats, lots of cats. The Eco Cat Lady’s use of captioned pictures is generous and spot on and I kept reading and reading. Then I found this picture of her grandmother and she’s so lovely I wanted to share it out with the world. And then I think you should go to that post and say hi so I feel less like a thief and more like a neighborly neighbor introducing people to each other.

and I found Eco Cat Lady while reading another blog on my feed tonight – David at is speaking on blogger rights management and thievery (gulp). This is another blog I love to read; he’s said some really smart things in the months I’ve been following him; indeed, I just read not only these two posts but I went about 5 posts further back just now and sorta got lost in thoughtfulness. I forgot I was writing this post to excuse stealing a picture. A good writer can do that, can make you forget you have laundry and bedtime as you read on and on.

Someday, maybe, I’ll be there. Meanwhile – I’m enjoying the journey!