WordPress group needs a shot in the arm!

Tonight was the second WordPress meeting in a row with only two of us there. I am not willing to have another meeting without making some major changes to expectations and commitment from attendees.

I think I will watch the WordPressTV episode I had intended for us to watch, and think about this tomorrow.

Any suggestions?

Over-Sharing Here

Corn is definitely on the list of things i should not eat, but only some milk products, including the whey they put into sports and protein drinks. And anything else that bothers me, like Culver’s custard ice cream – that’s kinda hard there. I love that stuff.

Yes, people, I thought you’d all want to know that, right?

I’m not the first person who has to watch the foods I eat, but I’m sharing it cause it keeps people who see this in the know, gives them something to be sympathetic if not down right empathetic with me. Crazy how many people are finding they have problems with gluten, you know?

A couple of days ago I was talking about this sort of over-sharing post with someone, who had the very good point that most of this is just too much sharing. Why do people share so much on the interwebs? True, but I came back with the also good point that then when I do see someone again, I’m more likely to be caught up on their life and I can start at the place of ‘congratulations again!’ or asking a caring question about an illness or trouble.  You get out of this online experience what you put into it, mostly, and since I don’t watch or participate in sports or marathon news/TV watching, it’s a fair trade of my time.

Of course there is the sadness of having their blog in my feed just to stay up on things, but I’ve not looked at their updates for months since I’ve done a poor job of organizing my feed reader.  Or not seeing posts on FaceBook and then being awkwardly out of the loop, or being blocked by privacy settings where someone is using a group they haven’t added you to and so I have no idea there was an engagement/baby/trip around the world. But meh. Sometimes it’s deliberate and sometimes a mistake. No biggie, although I do feel odd and invisible at times. But then don’t we all, haven’t we always? There is really nothing new here.

Then there is all the stuff that I’ll never put out there, pain and struggles and frustrations that do not add one bit to the happy-pretty unicorn laughs of the internet neighborhood. My friends I spend time with? Some of them know the whole me – most don’t. But just about everyone knows about the gluten intolerance!




There’s a WordPress Meetup in my future…how about yours?

Hi! How are you? I’m good. Busy doing exciting stuff! Like becoming a manager of a WordPress Meetup. Yup, I signed up to organize a local meetup and if you like WordPress and are local to Rochester, MN, you can join me. There are others throughout the world, though, if you aren’t.  The Rochester WordPress Meetup is brand-new, just plunked down the money today, and the rules aren’t pulled together any more than a meeting place, date or time. But that will happen.

This is part of some changes in how I spend my off-time. Busy, busy! Two big projects going on right now, one being getting ready for a summer of teaching dye classes as part of the historical reenactment group I belong to. I think there is going to be lots of blue in my future. I’ll post pictures.

The second is figuring out all the bits and pieces of a business plan…there are lots of people doing web design. What I can do better than the next guy, marketing to my strengths.  I’ll happily help anyone or any business with their website, tailored to their needs, but I have a special place in my heart for people who want a website that helps them stay connected to family, that becomes a place that is your own, holds your stories and your pictures and looks like you did the decorating. I know…FaceBook does all of that and more. It’s just that it’s a commercial site, and who knows what you are losing in privacy, or who you will run into there. A personal blog can be a safer place for families.

A business blog is a safer place for a business, too, and I’ll get into that in another post.

Other aspects of my new business are these: I’m also good at training people to use all the various bits that make up the internet and social media, and I excel at organizing fun stuff that make people happy; I’m developing a promotions angle in this business plan, too. More things like Giving Bunnies go AMOK  as well as Ag Tours similar to the Harvest Tours that Deb Brown of Debworks has organized, and other community promotions. Oh! And community gardens for Oronoco.

I used the community gardens as a project for the Adventure Learning class I just completed. It was fun AND gave me reason to pull all this research together into one place. Want to hear a funny story? I was sorta poking around with files this weekend and…deleted that blog. Oops! I got it restored, just need to replace the sidebar items and so mostly I just got a good story out of it. But I kinda panicked as I’m not sure I have a grade on the project yet.

The business is named HomeGrown Technologies, Inc. The paperwork is in for that as well, and I’ve started the website and all the other plans and lists are keeping me up nights.  Cause all that I listed above? I really want to do it all at once.

But I’m not doing this all at once! Sheesh. I would be tired, and confused. For tonight, it’s enough that I got done what I have done and that I invite you to become part of my meetup group. If you like and use WordPress, and want to hang out and share with others who use a great content management system, well…Yeah! See you online, over there on the meetup site! 

Facebook page for Oronoco Community Gardens is up

It’s going to look really familiar. I edited my Dye Kitchen page and recycled it. Composted it, you can say. Although I just did, didn’t I?

I am looking for local gardening pictures to use as the cover, if you want to share anything. I’d like to use it on the website as well. Email it to me, or drop it onto imgur or into dropbox and send me the link. Thank you.

On a personal note, I walked out into my backyard and stared at the garden. Got within a few feet before the gooshy-ground stopped me, and yes there is still some snow back there hanging on. Not enough sun. I should cut down those pines and plant some shorter trees.

Alternatives to Captivate?

Any suggestions? From real live people? I can do a google-scan and will, but before everyone scatters to several events this weekend, I thought I’d ask. I need to use Captivate or an alternative for a class, and that is $300 for something I may or may not use again. Or I might use it in the cloud and then regret not just buying it…HALP!

And yeah, everyone have a great time this weekend! I’m on call so will be at home.

Testing how the new options look

20121216-110630.jpgJust playing – nothing really to see. I suppose if I’d written this in Latin like the themes use to show off blocks of text, well, some of you would be able to read it, some of you would correct my grammar and spelling, and some of you would wonder what I’m up to with changing the theme again.

There. Is that enough text? No?

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”

I do not know if I need to use the “more button” or not with the theme I am using, so I did not.


There is much beauty out here on the internet

Eco Cat Lady’s Grandmother

This is a link to a wonderful post about Thanksgiving and cooking and families and cats, lots of cats. The Eco Cat Lady’s use of captioned pictures is generous and spot on and I kept reading and reading. Then I found this picture of her grandmother and she’s so lovely I wanted to share it out with the world. And then I think you should go to that post and say hi so I feel less like a thief and more like a neighborly neighbor introducing people to each other.

and I found Eco Cat Lady while reading another blog on my feed tonight – David at Raptitude.com is speaking on blogger rights management and thievery (gulp). This is another blog I love to read; he’s said some really smart things in the months I’ve been following him; indeed, I just read not only these two posts but I went about 5 posts further back just now and sorta got lost in thoughtfulness. I forgot I was writing this post to excuse stealing a picture. A good writer can do that, can make you forget you have laundry and bedtime as you read on and on.

Someday, maybe, I’ll be there. Meanwhile – I’m enjoying the journey!