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Best Practices

Drink Water and Clean Your Room

I’m going to continue to clean my workroom / office today, and bring home paint chips. I might as well paint it this weekend, after doing a few staining projects around the house that I’ve avoided. I’m also trying to drink the water…I still have the water cup from my surgery last November. I should drink three of these a day, so I will work on that.

I am updating my Trello account to contain all of my To-Dos, on the fly. I’ve added like five new items just while typing these two paragraphs. And I will be heading down for a yummy lunch of bacon and eggs pretty quickly, so I suppose I should concentrate. And drink.

Listen to Heather Cox Richardson on Facebook and consider following her. I’m listening to her live presentation on the New York Post article and its credibility – none in my opinion.

Lunch is ready.

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