What is Healthing? And How am I Doing This?

Hello, my friends!

I did not make up that word ‘healthing,’ btw. It’s in Urban Dictionary so it’s an official word that I’m claiming as I work towards a better, happier, more limber self. I’m healthing for more time with my family, for camping, for crafting, for tending to my home. Healthing towards travel.

Diabetes is a fear and a state I’m edging towards. Blindness because of diabetes, eating food that causes your body to rebel, further losing sensation in my feet (thus my mobility). I am healthing better to cut my progression towards diabetes.

Obesity is a reality I’m carrying around on my bones, along with lack of muscles and breath. For the latter, my doctor and I am working to determine why I always feel winded. I’ve had this condition for as long as I can remember, even when I was fairly active, even when I was keeping up with my children. I’m fighting the weight with walking and by baby steps towards eating more real food.

One day I eat enough veggies and fruit and the next day, I don’t. I have started eating less fatty foods and red wines and all the carbs of breads and pastas. But it’s not where I need to be.

I’m taking camping back up this Summer! I’ve the tent, the bedding, and a rudimentary kitchen. Camping chairs live in my car. And my work schedule has changed so I have two weekends off; I can leave after work on Thursday and not have to be back until Monday noon, to clean up for work. I’m planning to get out and do batch-geocaching, running up and down an area picking up all the ones appropriate for me in the place I’m at right now.

My geocaching needs to be caches with fairly easy terrain and shorter walks. That’s what I can safely do by myself right now and I’m embracing that reality and propelling forward toward that success. I hope to make enough of a regular habit of this that I can get a following of people doing similar geocaching.





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