Unfound in Capen Park

Capen Park Cache v3.0: GC1Q5RA, Difficulty 1.5, Terrain 2, Regular container, Placed 2009.

This explore was on Wednesday, May 10th. I needed to get to the inventory for the next estate sale we were holding but since I only had one to do I took advantage of the pretty day.

Capen Park is best known as a rock climbing park with limestone rock faces and steep paths, great for anyone with an interest. It was bought by the City in 1978.

A view of the Hinkson creek with trees on either side reflecting in the water. Blue sky is also reflecting.

All the paths to rock climbing areas had warnings about responsibility and danger; I stayed on the flat. As part of the Grindstone complex of parks, there are very well groomed paths as well as dirt tracks for accessing pipes requiring huge round metal hatches and it’s fairly easy going. However there wasn’t a map anywhere on the grounds or my phone that detailed which of the many paths to get closest to the cache. One of the short cuts took me through deep buzzing, maybe one of the forms of bumblebees native to Missouri.

A three-trunked tree, although any one of these were much bigger than the other trees around. All were coming out of one place on the forest floor.

I saw a cardinal on her nest, and colonies of native blooming phlox. The largest tree that I saw is pictured here – most of the other trees are fairly new growth, maybe 8-12″ in diameter. Several male cardinals yakked at me to stay away.

With this combination of difficulty & terrain, I didn’t feel it was necessary to go off trails and through the brush. Not for very long, anyway. After my walking app suggested I’d walked long enough thank you, I took a side path back around to the main path (bees again!) and back to my car.

I’ll find it some other day.

A next with the red beak of the cardinal the only bird-bit visible. Dabbled sunlight shines on the nest.





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