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Get your writing on.

I’ve been following a thread through websites that started with something I’ve forgotten, but I ended up on Monique Judge’s writing and I’m sharing part of a comment from uteki on the post Bring Back Personal Blogging. Uteki says:

One idea I recently found is the term “Learning in Public”. It means documenting and sharing what you are learning and working on with other people — in this case, via public blogging. It’s not about reaching as many people as possible with your content, it’s about YOU, and what you learn. Knowledge that might benefit someone along the way when someone search for that topic.

I’m sharing this comment because I want to come back to it and learn more, but first I’m going to get the stuff currently swirling along my frontal lobe out and down on the screen. I intend that 2023 is going to be the year of personal growth for me. I’ve stagnated for the last few years, I feel. But I think I’ve collected all the hobby supplies I need and it’s time to do. I’ve a nice collection of books about fiber arts and it’s time to read them. I’m exploring all the better foods to eat for my inner health and it’s past time to get my feet out on earth and explore my place. There will be learning, sure, and this is where I will make note of that stuff.

And if people find it, cool. If people find it interesting enough to comment, cool. My intent is to learn to capture my growth (and ungrowth), recording it here.

I used to write all the time. I was going through PTSD recovery and did a lot of writing about that as well as other aspects of my life. It’s still all here on my website, just no longer published publicly. But all the posts on FB-type places means that I’ve either lost those years or I have to find a way to import them into here. heh. May be an app for that, but probably not. Would probably be annoying to do that work so yeah…no.

I still deal with the PTSD, btw. Dreams, sometimes every night but mostly I’m aware I’m in a dreamstate and I’m trying to take control of the story in some aspect. I know I’m having ‘one of those dreams’ and I am actively annoyed by the rest of the people in the dream. Very rarely do I have a nightmare.

Circling back to learning in public. Where did that phrase come from and what does it mean?

First thing I found is a book. “Learning in Public” by Courtney E. Martin is referring to public education and a mother’s path to learn more about funding (or not funding) a primarily-Black children’s school in her neighborhood. It’s about the other white parents choosing private schools. I’ve added it to my GoodReads account.

This post is directed at coders but I’m taking it to heart for the encouragement of beginning learners. Learn in Public has a ton of links leading to other material of interest, but right now I need to go make a pillow for my cat.







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