Daily Embroidery Challenge: Stitch-a-Day Sampler. Day 1.

I’m doing a Daily Practice challenge by Rebecca Ringquist both to extend my skills and to fulfil a promise I made at work. One of the blog posts about to be published, I hope as I’ve just sent it in for approval, is on 30-day challenges. So I gathered my supplies and in a few minutes, will set down to do some running stitches. Right there in the lower set of lines.

A piece of fabric trapped in an embroidery hoop, some thread and a thimble and a sewing box all resting on a green gridded cutting mat.

The backing fabric is a fine cotton fabric I bought at an estate sale. It’s lovely, firm and I bought like 8 yards for $3 each. The front of the piece is from a feed sack. Can you see the faded brownish stripe? The sack had holes in it so I’m good with using it like this. I do have some complete sacks from this second purchase from a different estate sale.

Here are the running stitches! I used a spray of water to get rid of the blue marker so they would show up better. The hoop I’m using is on a table stand and I flip it back and forth so that I can consistently stitch right to left. I know if I ever start quilting on a frame again, I will have to go backwards and sideways and everyways. Not today.

My Mastodon username is @SewHappy1960@mindly.social

I am exploring the world over on Mastodon and it’s very much like moving into a new town, except most of us are new so we are walking around talking to random strangers and making new acquaintances that maybe will become friends.

In other news, I’m now an introvert. I’ve taken the online tests several times this month and just as I consistently was an ENFJ, I’m now an INFJ. I’m comfortable with that. It just fits who I’m becoming.

Yesterday I cleaned most of my crafting room except for the bookshelves. They are very dusty but whatever. I wanted the sun on my face so I switched my desk to the window again. Cleaned off the big table so I can concentrate on two projects instead of five, lol.

Time for lunch!






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