Quick Post 10-17

Just about to start painting my wall, but I am chatting with the grandkids for a bit first. I got to see them last night, but missed Draven and it’s always good to see the rest of the family as well.

The youngest are painting, and we are talking about making our own paints the next time they are down. I’m talking about using a base of egg yolk or sour milk. lol. Such faces. I will probably do it with acrylic pigment rather than natural dyes…have to check the stash.

Stopped in to see my mother and step-dad first. It was Bruce’s 85th birthday and I took him some tomatoes. Nice visit. We started off being safe and wearing masks and then they came off so we could eat cake…and they never went back on.

Lots of driving but a good day to think on the road.

Time to paint.





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