A grunge wall including words like Civil War and Trump

I Don’t Trust You, Random American Person

I don’t feel that it’s safe to trust people, after living through the last four years of living in Trump’s America. There are armed groups of men threatening to watch at the polls, intimidating people just with their presence. “My Way or the Highway” bullies who will stare aggressively at people. Violent rioters are subversing peaceful protests. I remember the suffragettes, who turned to acts of violence and personal risk to force the every-day American to wake up. I believe we are heading to the same place for Women’s Lives – we are already there for Black Lives. In my opinion, the uprising and persistence of people fighting for BLM is one of the few bright spots in the year.

Himself said “Congress will keep everything under control” when I had doubts about what was happening around us as we headed into the 2016 election. Instead, I see the GOP-dominant Senate gleefully supporting just about every roll-back this barbarian wants to see, including roll-backs to how we take care of the Earth, how we take care of our children, and how we respect and treat our international neighbors. We have people in prison camps for claiming asylum .

Women’s Reproductive Rights are again under attack, as the GOP are bringing yet another prospective judge up for consideration who I believe was selected to overturn the constitutional ruling usually known as Roe Versus Wade.

You might be a perfectly fine person, but I don’t trust you. I’ll just avoid you and the rest of humanity for a while, just working my little jobs and dealing with my fears and preparing to fight when the civil war breaks out in November. Trump’s Troops, the home-grown man-babies carrying arms into government buildings and inciting riots and hiding behind protests to do violence, have already told us that if Trump doesn’t win, there will be war.






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