First Ever Use of a Snow Blower

Update from 1/30/2019: This is from last Winter, Sometime 2018..I think. I could have sworn this was posted already, but maybe I wanted to say something else? So I’m posting it today on a radically cold day here in southern Minnesota. It’s -28, feels like -51, and the entire state is staying as home as they can. Even the library is closed. I’m not even going outside today.

Anyway, a nice little throwback post for you.

There is something powerful about doing something for the first time.

First Ever job of using the snow blower on my driveway

Now, lots of people do this basic chore around their home and I’m not proclaiming I’m something special for doing so. Just marking the time I’ve done this for myself. It’s not complete and not pretty but I can get out and get to work.

Next time, I gotta wear a hat. I actually stopped because snow was melting on my hair and streaming down the back of my neck. Gah! Annoying.

Mother Nature is not done out there. We are under a snowfall threat until about 5pm. It’s almost noon now.

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