The Day After the Election

So the midterm elections are over. It wasn’t an amazing win from the Federal standpoint but we have the House and lots of Democrats are elected.

From a Minnesota standpoint, I’m still waiting to hear if Feehan has my House seat. Many qualified people were elected; democratic at the State level, and people I can respect at the local, nonpartisan levels.

I’m  not unhappy with the way Minnesota performed but I’m not going to rest on that. The work will continue. Not necessarily on FaceBook and probably never door knocking – I don’t debate well. I know…maybe I just need to practice. I frankly think I’ve not got the patience for listening to fools nor do I have a lot of respect for people who are basing their beliefs and opinions on lies. Throwing a hissy fit, waving my hands in the air and generally being an asshole at Republicans is not going to help. I got that. I also want to stop yakking so much on my FB wall about politics and be more active on other, not so public venues for discussion.

Up for 2020 are elections for President, Tina Smith’s Senate Seat (the special election was for 2 years), 1st Congressional District, all MN state Senators and House members. Numerous local elections and I think I’m also going to try to help legalize pot here.

There are some personal changes to make. I also feel that while it shouldn’t matter, my personal feelings about how people perceive me are caught up in my weight, my clothes, my face, my social-economic standing and shit like that. This is all internal work and I’m mentioning it here because I’ll be writing about it in the future.

My social media and website marketing business is also a focus. I’m making some strong changes there, none of them visible yet but certainly being worked on after I finish the work I do for others each day.

Well. I need to close this up so I can get on with my day. I work at the library today, then this evening I teach a class on WordPress via Community Education. A full class! Anyway, two places where politics cannot influence my interactions with people. I won’t have much opportunity to think about the outcomes of the election today although I’m sure it will be percolating back there in my brain.

More Tomorrow…






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