The Hobbit’s last movie


I’m rather sad that the journey is over. And determined to watch the entire thing, in order, starting with the first Hobbit movie, then the second, then going back to the theater to see the last one. And just to round out the experience, watch all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I’ll let you know how that does for me, and which one I select as being the best.

Now all I have to look forward to is the continuation of The Walking Dead series, the Marvel phenominon, and catching up with Game of Thrones. Three other good series I’ve watched and I know there will be more in the future, but I suppose this one is especially sad because I’ve read Tolkien’s works since I was in high school, and because I didn’t think I could like a series like The Hobbit. Peter Jackson and Friends took the children’s book I remembered and went so much deeper into manipulating and changing the plot






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