I will overcome this

woman carrying lots of stuff, triggered pain
No, it’s not laundry. But she’s either in pain or singing.

holy shit. and I mean that…wow. back spasms.

OK, back story here. I am taking steps, literally, towards health and wellness. And with more steps each day, I realized my muscles are tight; probably why my ankles hurt so much all the time. I did some very gentle yoga-type stretching yesterday.

This morning, carrying laundry downstairs, my back muscles started doing charlie-horses. Every move triggers more! Fun!

They’ve started to settle down since I sat down, although at first I couldn’t even raise my arms to type. Or pull myself closer to the desk. This is stupid. I’m worth more than this. I’m glad I’m fixing this.

And joy in the morning! I got up able to walk. The ankle pains were really lessened just by that one session of gentle stretching yesterday.

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