Obamacare’s Death Spiral is fake news – #Trumpcare is in a death spiral (I hope)

First – this is the article from The Washington Post I’ve just read: The GOP masterminds behind Obamacare’s ‘death spiral’ It’s an opinion piece dated 3/14/17 and written by Dana Milbank.

For me, this is the key takeaway statement: “Slightly more than 2 million people, mostly in rural areas, don’t have competitive plans to choose from and are seeing huge premium increases. Congress could have fixed that by giving insurers incentives to participate in those markets. Instead, Republican lawmakers refused to help insurers and then crowed when insurers complained.”

Republicans thwarted every effort to fix ACA during the presidency of Mr. Obama. I watched them – they stalled, they complained, they worked against any positive changes that would strengthen the ACA’s usefulness to more people.

Now, in the time that Trumpcare is being revealed,  I read that within four years the number of us without affordable healthcare will again rise to at least and probably above the level of the pre-ACA days. They are setting this up for older people pay higher premiums, and they are taking away mental health support for people using Medicaid. The tax reductions for the rich are annoying, too…come on. We see what you are doing there.

What I’m going to do about this: I will tell my representatives what I think, again. I think at least once a week is enough.

There is no bill number to follow yet, so I’ll keep an eye open. As well, I’ll keep an eye open for rallies and the like to show my support for keeping ACA. When the bill comes out, I will call the sponsors and the people on the committees. And yes, I’ll keep an eye open for other things I can do.

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