Rebooting the Universe

This is a stake-in-the-ground sort of weekend for me. I’m taking on new responsibilities and rearranging others. My brain wants me to do some things and my bank account demands I do others. Curious? Read on.

rebooting the universe starts with me

Firstly, the bank account – to feed it, I’ve taken a second part-time job at the Hampton Inn & Suites, Rochester, doing pretty much what I’m doing at the Rochester Public Library. Today at the library, I heard myself ask someone “are you ready to check out?” and realized I’d be using that same phrase at both jobs. I’ll be helping people find certain locations and talking about things to do in town and providing excellent customer service. I’m good at that. And I think I will enjoy the hospitality industry.

Every day. Also with the exercising, being creative and enjoying time outdoors working on the yard. Every day!

My brain wants me to keep lists. Lists of things around the house that I need to take care of is one of the most yell-ful things it is asking for right now. Things like washing windows and painting walls, cleaning the kitchen cabinets and the like. Another list I’m keeping is what plants i see that I like and when they are blooming. There are some lovely bells on stalks on the bridge at 19th Street N over Hwy 52 blooming right now, for example. I’m going to give up the veggies in the garden and move to planting florals and dye plants and visually interesting things.

My web design and digital marketing business is not disappearing but going through a reboot. I got to figure out how to get the determination back, really- I love Rochester Fiber's small sheepworking with people and I love seeing projects come to fruition, and I don’t know what my problem is. Probably a mental block thing and I need to be gentle with myself for a bit, regroup, and then keep on. This will give me time to do some really good thinking and planning. I will continue supporting my existing customers, but not worry about expanding at the moment. And I’m giving myself the time necessary to do this as long as I do something every day. Every day. Also with the exercising, being creative and enjoying time outdoors working on the yard. Every day!

And one of the largest things I want to do is be sure I’m a good citizen for the rest of this year. OMG I have got to know what is going on in the local level for all the other offices, and make good decisions. Van is with me on this one, btw, and while I’m not sure yet how we are going to go about it, we want to have thoughtful, non-angry conversations about various candidates and really feel we are able to vote with our consciousnesses. I don’t want to talk about the presidential elections! But what about local and state offices? I’ve some research to do on this one.

So I’m rebooting a lot more than just my business, aren’t I? Not the universe, just pieces of my own part of it! I think that will be more than enough.

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