Sadness of cake

I ate a muffin yesterday. It was a pretty good muffin even though there was a small packet underneath the paper wrapper that said “Do Not Eat” because it was a packaged muffin and I suppose they didn’t want it to get soggy in the days and weeks until I ate it. I couldn’t help but think this was the sort of food that The Walking Dead crew should hope to find. A muffin packaged to stay fresh for a long time and maybe even through the zombie apocalypse. Maybe with a side of chocolate pudding.

No pudding for me, not for a while. I’m on the Nutrisystem program, working to reset my metabolism that has gotten really efficient at storing fuel these last few years. My intent is to stay on this thing until I loose some weight AND have reset the system, which probably means I should get off this chair and in to the workout room.

At least I’m not having to wait an hour to work out anymore, not unless it’s right after I eat a huge salad. heh. Small blessings.

I’m taking a short break from work while waiting for Lightroom to finish downloading; then I need to get back to it. I’ve scheduled work until about March 1st, then things peter out but who knows what will happen in the meantime? I’m also learning PHP via (which I get for free using my Rochester Public Library card), I’m still working part-time at RPL (and loving it) and continuing to improve Rochester Fiber’s website as well. But I still need to work out today. So I can refit my metabolism and maybe have a piece of cake once in a while.



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