Weekly Roundup

I didn’t get very far before I ran into trouble. I am going to quit, sort of…

Sarah Arrow has an excellent 30 Day Blogging Challenge program. Daily emails kept me interested and on track with her challenge’s progress. In the 12 or so days I kept up with the reading, I found good suggestions and encouragements. It is a directed progress to being a better writer and blogger. But I’ve decided it’s not the program for me.

And I’d looked at dozens of these before deciding to try Sarah’s program. It’s not her material and expectations, it’s me and my needs and expectations. And I did learn from this short run. Working through this has helped me clarify that I need to admit I don’t have one article a day in my head, but I can keep notes and when I’ve the time, I can churn out 3 or four in a day and schedule them out. I also need to have a mixture of information on my professional website, and that’s the one I need to be working on for income and business growth. So I’ll take what I’ve learned about myself and move forward and make more things happen, some of them here and some elsewhere.

Rounding up the week’s events…well? We had a really nice snow on the eighth and then a couple of others that just whitened it back up out there. It’s amazing how quickly snow becomes dirty, isn’t it? And I went to a meeting on Wednesday that was perfectly timely. It was about HootSuite but more about being efficient and effective with the app. The people are great, the energy awesomely intense and I’ve already made my life easier by applying some of what I learned. If you live in Rochester and use social media, you should consider joining us.

These last ten days have been good. I’ve worked consistently and my energy is up. I’m doing yoga regularly. The future is rolling towards me and I’m not exhausted with worrying about what is going to happen and if I can be sufficient, or who I’m going to let down, or that something awful is approaching. It’s All Good. See you again soon!

woman working on laptop on a mountain top


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