Nature is making craft supplies!

IMG_1915I went out to try to make a snowman and failed. I just don’t have the patience to learn to roll a good snowball, even a small one. And when I *did* get a base for my snowman rounded out, it sank into the snow so far it wasn’t a base but a basement, and I gave up.

Van is out cleaning out the back driveway. He’d not done this the previous snowfall but it’s fairly warm at 33 degrees F and he’s on a roll. IMG_1923

Here are some happy pictures of things that Nature crafted today. Or upcycled, maybe would be best; the structures were there all along.

This is a fluffy little post for the blogging challenge I’m doing. Post nine – day 13. All good, I think about blogging more consistently now and worked yesterday to get the autoposting connected to the other website. And to get HootSuite to connect Twitter to the right blog, not the wrong one. Still working on that, maybe a bit later today.

I’ve got to get back to work but it was just such a temptation to run outside with the camera this morning and help Van a bit as well. I can shovel just fine. Just can’t build a snowman.

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