The best of Keeping It Real week one

If you’ve been following along, you know I’m working on a 30 Day Challenge. And I’m behind but that’s what it is; I’m not going to shove paying work to one side while trying to push out some form of a blog post every day. Today’s post is directly from the Challenge and I’m interested in seeing what sort of response I get from this format; a couple of days ago, I did a personal Weekly Wrap Up. Here is a ‘best of’ post to recap the posts from the same time period.

The week started at after I’d just freaking had it with all the ways and places I had to touch in order to update my Apple ID. I still haven’t fixed the iPad’s iCloud account… Never ever change your Apple ID. It’s hard.

I fixed my jeans was a fun little post about accountability. And, I suppose, about fiber. I wrote it AFTER My Three Words but because I’d actually started the draft before, my blogging app posted it in that order.

I love the way the header picture behaves on My Three Words. When the page first loads, the word MY is all you see. Scroll a bit and the woman’s skyward eyes show up. And yes, this was an important post about my intent at exploring concepts and practices of ‘confidently,’ ‘fiber,’ ‘ and ‘accountable’ during 2016. You should read it if you missed it before this.

My Editorial Calendar came in to being with So that’s how this works.

I started a ritual of doing a personal weekly roundup post from this website. Added it to my calendar, too. And the more I look at the title, the more I see weed killer…

And finally, on January 5, I feel a coldness coming on warned you of my cold (KEEP AWAY!) and my busy day on Wednesday. Which it was.

And that was the week’s posts! I’m pleased with the start I have made. If you would like to get this recap as an email in your inbox, sign up below. But I have to warn you, I’m not necessarily going to be creating one of these on a regular basis for this website. So by signing up below, you are also agreeing to receive similar emails from Rochester Fiber, my website about local Southeast Minnesota fiber people, farms, shops and events. That is where I want to return my attention and energy.


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