I feel a coldness coming on

I’m sure it was just a matter of time before I came down with the sniffles – I’m surrounded by people who are getting through and over the winter cold. It’s almost nine at night and I’ve been pretty much on task all day (other than meals. I read during meals which is wonderfully recharging for me).  So this is NOT going to be a very long nor very good post for the day.wpid-wp-1424797314478.jpg

It’s OK for this website. This is my vanity blog, my website for whining and crowing and just sharing things. Like this picture of my cat. Meet Boo-Bear, my old man cat that is just a grump with the other cats, and a grump about getting his way, and a grump about me sleeping on my own bed when he thinks it’s past time for me to get up so he can claim that space. He curls up most days right where I sleep, snoring softly. At this moment he’s staring at me; it must be past time to feed him.

I’m not sure this sort of chatty post is going to go well on my professional website unless it’s on topic. I’ve selected the specific keyword phrases for that website now, and yeah…if I have a chatty post about a fiber event or a dyeing experiment, I think that will be fine. It can’t be all I offer. There needs to be meat to go with this salad, right? What do you think? Do you have a professional or business website, and if so, do you allow yourself to be conversational? Sure, no cats UNLESS they are cutely involved in the yarn in some way. Like this one!cats and string

Tomorrow is a pretty long day too. It starts with a WordPress meetup at 7 am and ends at the library at 7:30 pm. And that’s OK, too.



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