Weekly Roundup

Today just seem like a good day to start a new ritual. Slept in (as long as the cats let me), had a cup of coffee, did the yoga routine, and am now typing up a quick blog post here on Keeping It Real. This will be a reflective look back at the past week.

The New Year rolled through this week. NYE was a quiet time at home, sharing time with Van. We lit 27 candles to remember a lost friend and then almost started a fire when one of the candle holders broke apart from the heat. We’d left them burn – our own fault – next year I’ll remember to add a bit of water to each holder first to help prevent that.

Last Sunday, I shared a meal with friends. Van was at work and couldn’t make it. I had a good time catching up and hope we do it again soon. Which just goes to say that I should do something. I’ve been thinking about having a monthly meal here, one that leads to people having conversations and meeting new people….but I’ve been thinking about that for several years and haven’t pulled the trigger on doing something about it.

Gah. Indecision.

I fell into a series on Netflix. Empresses in the Palace, a historic drama about a harem. It’s in a Chinese language so you actually have to watch it; I have started taking my laptop and earbuds down to sit with Van in the late evenings, getting more time with him while watching my own shows and not his gold shows or shooting shows or wrestling shows. Sometimes I’ll watch the history shows with him but since most of them are about battles, meh. They just don’t interest me as much as they once did. That over, I’m listening again to Rosemary & Thyme, a British cozy mystery that has two women about my age doing gardening and solving mysteries. I’ve watched it several times now so I don’t even have to watch it but can do work while I’m listening.

I’ve been getting into a routine of yoga and writing – but don’t get excited for me yet. I’ve only been doing this a week and we all know it takes about a month to settle a new habit into place. Today was the 8th day of yoga and the 7th of blogging. And the blogging took a bit longer than it will next week – I needed a banner pic for the Winter months! Canva and then Photoshop and I’m done.

Writing groups have come to my attention this week as well. Sarah Arrow’s Sark Emedia has kept me on target. So far, the daily emails have not delivered anything I didn’t already know but then I’m not new to this process. And I’m really enjoying the interaction on the Facebook page she has set up for our daily posts. Reading people’s comments as they post their latest links, I know that there is more challenging tasks in the days to come! Looking forward to it.

Weekly Roundup



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