My Three Words

It’s a potentially powerful self-awareness exercise that I’m doing for 2016. You can read more about it on Chris Brogan’s post here (borrowing one of his 2015 words, btw). And catch up with Deb Brown’s words here.

So this is a new exercise for me, and I’m concerned that a year might be too long. Like I’ll get halfway into February and realize that 2016 can’t be all about *this* and needs to be about *that*. Or maybe it’s like being a vice-president of the local club before you get to be president; the past experiences of other people have shown you need time to grow into the roll and even so you barely get comfortable and effective before your term is over. And I’ll get out of it what I put into it, I know.

Yearly Focus Words

Confidently. As in: ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.’ — Henry David Thoreau. I have many talents and skills, and I have experience that I can apply to new opportunities. I’m capable and want to walk more confidently through  each new day.

Fiber. As in: “There you go, Harry!” Ron shouted over the noise. “You weren’t being thick after all — you were showing moral fiber!” –J.K.Rowling. Also as Chris says (I might as well borrow all of it since it fits): ‘everything is connected. Pull here, and it will get tight there.’ And yet another thing you might not know about me, but I own 12-15 drop spindles, two wheels and …geeze, more than several small looms. I can work that word ‘fiber’ on three different fronts!

Accountable. As in: “The only way we succeed as a group is not simply following directions, but in keeping each other accountable for our actions.” A.J. Darkholme. There is a statement out there in the rest of the world that has always bothered me; I am always a bit confused when people say “you aren’t responsible for anyone else’s actions, just your own.” Except that my actions may have caused a reaction and that’s what I’m seeing in front of me. Except that whole “it takes a village” statement follows us throughout our lives, not just when we are children or raising a child, and most of our happiest safety nets are put into place because of village mentality. Except that I always feel so alone when someone says that, as if I’m not supposed to be influenced by anyone else. So I’m adopting this word as a keystone word to better understand how I apply it, and how I can be available to other people who want to be part of my village.

Growth Happens

If you are also doing the three little words exercise, and are inclined to do so, drop me a comment and I’ll follow you.

I’m open to whatever changes these three little words inspire me to make, to whatever paths my feet are guided to travel. I’ll be watching for you along the way, OK?


Three Words


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