So that’s how this works

Editorial CalendarRemember this commercial? Three women, one of them posting pictures to her living room wall and her more savvy friend trying to explain how Facebook actually worked? Well, I’ve walked around the last couple of years feeling like the third woman in the room, the one that is initially nodding about how wonderful the wall posts are and then is looking slightly confused. I’ve not ever gotten an editorial calendar to work for me.

It’s clicked. I had installed an editorial calendar plugin onto this website but hadn’t been able to get into any sort of rhythm with it. Instead I was mindmapping or roughing posts out on paper and then half the time never getting back to them. But this week and thanks to committing to a 30 Day Challenge, I’ve started making those notes within this website and saving them as drafts. The calendaring feature lets me know what saved drafts have not been posted and allows me to drag drafts around to fill up my empty days, and it’s making sense to me this time around.

I’ve just got to do my part and consistently start that draft within the website. Plus I have to come back and finish that draft! It’s not a guarentee nor a quick-fix. But I have started developing a better blogging habit and feel that having an editorial calendar that I will use is going to be key to keeping this going.

Do you have an editorial calendar? Tell me in the comments what you use, OK? I’m interested in hearing about other people’s real experiences with this writing tool.

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