Never ever change your Apple ID

And avoid changing your password! My Stars! Every device seems to have several iPlaces I need to log into again and if I forget to click “remember me” then I have to do it again. *melodramatic sigh* See, I think I’ve lost my old email account (on purpose) and while I thought I’d cleaned up everything first, I guess…I think…I didn’t get the Apple account updated. It’s been wild trying to get everything reset with multiple computers and mobile devices. Support at Apple has been awesomely helpful but this is 2015 and I’m smart. I should be able to follow all these steps, right?

Mostly, it’s cleaned up. Only thing is that my iPad still will not release the iCloud from the original Apple ID. Every time I use the thing, it whines at me to enter the password for the old Apple ID, which no longer exists and even if it did, I don’t want to be using it thankyouverymuch.

Just let it go, iPad’s iCloud. Let it go.il_570xN.669772146_9mx5

Even Googling has failed me. Maybe the iPad is doomed to never be backed up.

There are lots of things I have been changing this week. For example – this blogging challenge I’m taking part in is a stretch change for me. Just about everything is considered fodder for a post because writing content is hard. I carry a notebook around with me now so I can capture ideas. I did yoga today; we had snow to shovel yesterday and so I didn’t bend and mediate but I’m thinking it was all good. I’m continuing to look for a second job but more and more thinking I should commit to freelancing as my second job.

I’m not letting go of my library job. Cold dead hands? Maybe then they can boot me out the door. And sure, I’m not dead yet so maybe I’ll change my mind in the future, but I intend to work hard to balance my other work life around my desk shifts. It’s fun and rewarding and I enjoy helping people, interacting with people from all walks of life, all ages, all types of problems I can solve. Great coworkers. Fun work. Who would want to change any of that, really?

I know that some change is healthy and necessary.  Seth Godin said “Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” And the trouble is we don’t know it’s too late until it is dramatically too late. The ship has sailed passed the horizon it’s so far gone-too-late. So late that getting down into a downward dog pose feels impossible and how will I ever get my hips to open enough for that broken pigeon pose like the lady on the screen? Well hey, I know it’s not too late to start working on improving my body. I will find the right work-life balance. I will get caught up on the blogging challenge.

But I might not *ever* get this iCloud mess straightened out.


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