Let it snow!

This is my post about the December 28, 2015 Snowstorm in Minnesota. Others will also write posts (and there will be weather broadcasts and tweets and Facebook posts) but this one is mine.* I’m sitting at my desk at the end of a mostly inefficient day, rather bummed at myself for not having more billable hours and for not keeping a better track of what I’ve been doing so I can see where my time is going.

Meh. So…I slept until 8. Drank coffee and messed around with Facebook until 9:12 when I realized what I was doing and got up for a piece of toast and the dishes. Came back and finished a contract and got that in the mail. Wrote a letter and emailed it. Wrote up a grocery list for Van. Did yoga, showered and had lunch….(there are social media interludes in and around all of this, btw. And the 10-15 minutes add up!) Came back, found something I did not like on a website and fixed it, touching several programs including Photoshop on my Mac. Downloaded Photoshop on my PC while fixing soup and doing the dishes again. Fussed about the weather on Facebook cause the snow was starting to fall. Filled out some paperwork in a program I’m taking part in -this took 45 minutes or two Pomodoros. Hammed up the soup again. And that’s not really enough.

Time just rushes by and I try to be structured but it’s certainly not easy to stay on task.

So….The soup was an improvement pot of the soup I made two days ago – a traditionally crafted ham and bean soup from a recipe followed to the letter. It was bland. I put it all back in the pot, added more ham bone and boiled it to make the beans mush and it was lovely. I’ve since added more ham, two more cans of beans, some carrots and onions, and have again brought it all to a bean-mushing boil. House is warm from the humidity and the smell is wonderful. Something about a snowfall makes me want to start an everlasting soup pot that gets all the goodies from each meal, gets rounded out every so often by an infusion of mushrooms and onions. Tonight is steak and potatoes and those leftovers will add some serious depth to my soup pot.

Van is the one broiling the steak outside! He moved the grill to a covered area so at least he’s not fighting snow coming on top of the steak. I’ll do the potatoes.


I have to say in my defense that posting takes time. I needed some images, for example, and nothing really drew me in on Adobe Stock. That meant boots and coat and finding the camera. Stepping on the cat trying to get outside. Stomping around and wondering if grilling was such a hot idea after all. (he’s heading out right now, though) Pulling all the images off the camera and deciding on the ones I want; I’m not going to try to edit the chosen two. Then there is editing text and rewriting. I believe this short post took me about an hour.

Still I’ve calculated what I need to do to make a go of my business. Now that the holidays are over, I really need to buckle down, shovel *snow* out of the way and do those things.


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