Opening a LOT of windows today

Mostly just browser windows at the moment. I was working to update an API-thingie that allows my website to post to Facebook when I also post something here…and I needed three windows open for that cause my wee brain is leaking directions as fast as it grabs them today. There’s another one open from having made a tactical error in clicking earlier. And I think IE opened spontaneously for some reason.

windowsBut wait! There’s more! This is what I see when I’m doing yoga – which I’ve done off and on for years along with weights and a treadmill mile. When it’s summer or snowing, I open these blinds and enjoy outside. We keep them closed for heat retention the rest of the time and frankly, I’m too lazy to open and shut them every day. I got the yoga done today. That was a good thing for me.

There’s one last party today to go to and I’m heading over there in a bit, after buying a pie and cool whip at Costco. Without Van. But I’m going anyway cause there’s a serious lack of enough solid friends in my life. This is a gathering with some of them – hey, I’m greedy. I actually love to listen to people talk about all the things that are important to them. I love helping them feel good about themselves. It’s not translated into a lucrative career yet although it does help with the job I have and with the networking I’m constantly doing. Fun times, that. And one can not have too many friends.

I might even get makeup on before I go.

One of my questions for the day, really the only one I want to continue working on is how to stay focused on getting things done. The important things for long-term growth, not the imperative chirpings of my brain to stay up to the minute on Facebook. Stupid brain loves the river of factoids and memes and updates. It’s a really stupid brain. It LOVES all the windows and tabs I have open and is constantly poking at email and twitter and everlovin’ Facebook.

Time to hit publish! Not a lot of solids in this one, just doing the thing.




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