30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day Two of my yoga adventure, day two of my ‘keep what excites me’ sorting adventure, day -2 of my eating healthier adventure, and day one – DAY NOW – of my blogging challenge.

I’m reading Everybody Writes by Ann Handley, who encourages us to write every day. Stretch those muscles, practice those writing rules and keep getting better. It’s a good book, short enough paragraphs to do one a day and put it immediately into practice. (I should just go ahead and use my Amazon savings dollars to buy my own copy so I can write notes in it, then return this library book…)

I’ve forgotten who it is that said (paraphrased) “read an hour a day on your chosen topic and within X number of years, you will be an expert.” It’s really the same with writing. You can’t get good at this by thinking about it, you have to put your hands to paper and pen, or your fingers to keyboard. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both Neil Gaiman and Chris Brogan comment on either the reading or the writing aspect of success and stick-to-itiveness recently, but it was on Facebook so I’m not claiming that’s accurate.

Nor am I going to try to claim any clickpoints by putting links up to these two people. You don’t know who they are, you probably do know how to google things. Look them up.

I used to be a very active blogger but dived into a dark place several years ago and so took my mumblings to paper (easier to burn!) and I think for the last year, I’ve not felt like writing anything.playmoreworkless But I believe that in order to better reach my professional goals, I must start stretching my writing muscles again.

Funny story, that. I’m also doing this yoga challenge…wow. I had no idea my hips had gotten so tight until I tried to do a Broken Pigeon or some such thing. Now today I did get a bit more comfort in the pose and now my body is letting me know I’ve not used nor stretched certain muscles in far too long. Good for me, right? And good for me to take off on this challenge, too.

What will I be writing about? On this website, daily happenings including reactions to the yoga, the cleaning and the endless salad bowls I face! Travels about town, some of them professional ones as I meet with clients and go to WordPress-related meetings. Funny things my cats are doing. Funny things I find on the internet. This is what I call a vanity blog and what I’ve learned most other people call a lifestyle blog. So there will probably be little rhyme or reason to what I post here.

Within two weeks, I’ll start the same challenge on my professional website Rochester Fiber.

That’s all the stake-pounding I’m going to do for today. On my way to Menards to buy some giant trash bags for that stuff I don’t care about any more. See you later!

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