Tomorrow is Minnesota Bloggers Conference!


I’m going to this thing tomorrow at St. Catherine’s University. There’s guilt, cause I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t made the time to write. And yeah, I *could* blame FaceBook and the wonderful people I talk to there, but frankly that’s a crock and a cop-out.

But whatever. I can change!

Hundreds of bloggers will be gathered for the 6th Annual Minnesota Bloggers Conference tomorrow and I’m going to be my charming self and tell people about me and about my business. I’m going to try to connect with people who will inspire me to be authentic and to write more consistently. And yes, I’m going to live-blog parts of it, maybe the entire thing. Why not? I got the tools and I bet if I tell people what I’m doing, they will let me take their picture and we can put links in to their sites.

It will be fun!

This conference has a lot of sessions about talking to clients and companies, organizing content and the content creation process, legal issues, and more but I can’t get to everything. I’ve looked over the schedule and those are the topics I’m going to concentrate on getting to this year. And the day starts early; Van suggests I plan to leave at 7 to get there by 8:30. It will be a long wonderful day.

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