How to build social communities that drive meaningful traffic…

Am also sitting next to Michelle Davies, who contributes to NEPA Blogs…here we go!

Second session! Building organic communities that work! By Adam Dince, who is human (he just said so!). Graduate of St. Kate’s MBA.

Vanity metrics, such as likes, are just ‘high fives’ and don’t mean it caused a person to do something. And there is a lot of noise out there.

In 2014, Adam discovered TwitterChats. Hash-tagged scheduled conversations.

How to cut through the clutter:

  1. get a twitter account.
  2. Set up a twitter chat – look up #SpoofChat. Adam told us a great story about his group, which has gone viral, and has been asked to AppleBees just to run their twitter chat at the restaurant. Brands come to them and ask to do corporate sponsorships, media interviews, inclusion in influencer network, and most important gives back and lets them help people. Fantastic resume builder. New business leads specific to your work.
  3. 20151114_104636
  4. Slowly move from twitter to other social networks and offline.
  5. Be a good citizen.
  6. Act as a CommunitySource content leader

What are your professional goals? write them down before you open your TwitterChat. And try to be authentic.

Once you find a twitter chat hashtag, copywrite it or otherwise protect it. ( missed what he called that….) Storify = transcripts of your chat conversation for your website.

Response to FaceBook Zero is to repost (share) a FB Page on your personal page.

I’m posting this now – so I can listen. Good speaker.




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