7 trends that impact every blogger in this room

Ok, so I want to capture my notes here on this website. This is my second attendance of this conference, and has been fun so far. I found Guy and are meeting some interesting people.

Arik Hansen is the first speaker for me –

#1 Content shock means there is an infinite amount of content out there and we’ve only got so much attention/ability to focus. Time to get away from the List Posts, the “21 ways…” the “7 vital things….” So instead, zag while everyone else is zigging. Blog about your perspective, your unique take on whatever it is you are involved in doing.


#2 Tech RSS is dead. Email Newsletters are alive and thriving. Twitter is destroying RSS, btw. And newsletters are ‘the holy grail of communication’ and an opportunity to start and nurture relationships. Send out once a week.

#3 Strategy. Content syndication = new readers! So send things to other content sites, such as LinkedIn. Syndicate my posts via LinkedIn Publish, for example. What are the others? I need to research this. Medium is another place. Ragan’s PR Daily. Twitter….? (Arik didn’t pull all of these syndication places out, I’m also brainstorming). Things to think about – Ravelry?

#4 Design. The Rise of the DIY Visual Tools, like Canva. Create a style guide for your website and stick to it. Hire it out if you need to; don’t waste time running in circles.

#5 Social Sharing isn’t what it used to be. Even the top bloggers are are getting tons of views and very few shares; sharing via Dark Social (sharing options we can’t track) is masking the shares. Snapchat and FaceBook shares. Email sharing. Behavior is shifting. So readjust expectations (era is done), maybe remove the Share icons on your site (and get that page space back), and forget ‘success theatre.’

#6 Brand. Blogs are starting to look less like blogs and more like the simplified web. Jungles in Paris has a huge splash image and a ‘hamburger’ menu. (what? hamburger?). Check it out and consider resigning my own websites.

#7 Tech. Social commenting may be dead. Look for the article on Copy Blogger. Behavior changes as people move more to FB and Twitter and LinkedIn and other dark social. And that makes me laugh, thinking of FaceBook as Dark Social.

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