Out-Of-Kilter Central

Ten minute segments. My Sundays are broken down into short bursts of productivity, timed to be ten minutes long. When the alarm sounds, I take a moment to reflect that yes, I remained on task for those ten minutes and then immediately move onto another ten minutes of some other project. It’s not set in stone; this post may be broken into sections of writing time, but the apples were cut up for dehydrating in an un-timed section of time cause I didn’t want to be touching my phone with sticky hands. But for the most part I move rapidly on to whatever of the two projects I have going. The A project and the B project of that particular segment of the day.

That didn’t go so well when it came to riding my new bike.IMG_1696

It’s blue, and has 21 speeds and a nice seat and fat tires for riding all-terrain if I want. And yes it’s used but the cobwebs I cleaned off under the seat kinda proves it’s not been ridden for a while. Van found them on Friday at a local sale – oh yeah, he got one too. Mine has 24″ tires to his 26″. I have moved my seat up, and it rides pretty sweetly.

For the six blocks I was able to ride today. I am that out of kilter.

So I rode those six blocks three times during this day. May go out again later tonight but probably not; Van is fixing steak and I’m sipping a glass of wine right now. But now I know what I can do, bike-wise, and I’ve pounded a stick in the ground. Ground Zero. Out-Of-Kilter Central.

Down the calendar, I want to put another stake in the ground named “Going on Bike Rides with My Husband” plus I want to be strong enough to go camping with friends along a lovely part of the world, and so one day we bike this way, and then next day we bike that way. We can collect great memories along the way.

That worked really well for me when I was fighting heavy in the SCA. (these are champion fighters, btw. I wanted to share this nice intro bit but it’s down at the moment.) Having some sort of reward got me into the weights and the aerobics and the eating better, so I’ve had success with this sort of motivation system. I can do it again. Cause I gotta do something now, not tomorrow.

This neglected website is going to be turned over to returning to kilter and health (this time I mean it) and also to gratitude awareness. I want to be more aware of the aspects of my life that I am grateful for and also more consciously aware of awesome things I need to cultivate awareness of. I am still coming out of a dark place of loss and sadness and anger – this has been a horrible decade. I’d like to end it on an upswing, though. I want to reclaim the happy memories, brush off the dust and shadows. Remember them fondly as I move forward. Always forward.

I’m trying to decide what the first milestone stake is going to look like. Maybe the 5.5 mile track around the highway here in Oronoco. If I leave my front door and go in either direction so as to point my nose at the nearest bridge over highway 52, I will ride down the frontage road on the other side and back around to the other bridge and so home. That’s a good goal, right? Cause I don’t want to be out of kilter any more.


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