I’m Restarting the Internet

The last few weeks, I’ve begun to realize how much of my life I’m giving away. “Time is fleeting” as the song says, and I’m suddenly paying attention to that. I’ve no idea why my brain decided that it was time to be more mindful…

Wait. Brain? Soul? Id/Ego/Super Ego? What is it that brings us to make a change? What delivers the wake up call? I’ve read that when a person has finally gotten to the point that a change must happen, the Brain works to rewire itself, the Soul keeps reminding and also rewarding. But that it really takes more than the 21 days to change  – more like 67 days, particularly when a person has a lot of systems already set up to make sure the old behaviors or beliefs or whatever stay the same.

Like, I know I need to get off gluten products. I feel so much better without these types of starches in my system! And so I’ll do well for a couple of days or a week and then I cheat and am right back where I started from cause you just can’t eat one sandwich. Or slice of pizza. And I can make that change, I am sure of it – if I hold fast against old behaviors. If I make it easy to be successful by planning ahead and by being willing to eat those salads and try new recipes.

But anyway, this is about the Internet, another place in my life I have some old behaviors that are not beneficial. What prompted this post is a gleeful cleaning up of mailing lists I’m subscribed to and no longer read – I am feeling sooo good about how I’m cleaning up my inbox and softening the voices asking for attention. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I rarely get any personal email any longer. Most of my social contacts are on FaceBook! (which is a cleaning up task for another day.) It’s making me feel successful to click those little *unsubscribe* links at the bottom of the page, so much so that I’m looking for other ways I can either clean up, sort out, and reclaim responsibility for my online experience.

Restarting the Internet. My Internet. One application at a time.


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