I stink!

I must have touched the icky stuff or maybe a bit just got flung up into the air and landed on me. I can smell it on my clothes….

stinky-crapI was clearing out a pile of grass clippings that had set too long and too packed; they were not going to compost like that, I couldn’t turn them, and they stink. Stunk. Whatever….I was trying very hard to not get any of it on me cause the smell just follows you everywhere. In the inner core of the round core of grass clippings, it smells like cow shit. I know it kinda is, without the benefit of having gone through a cow. I cannot stand the smell. But I wanted it out of my yard, at least in that format, so I dug it out.

First, though, I tilled. It was a lovely cool morning and the tiller and I got a lot of ground stirred up. I pulled weeds, and pulled up the strawberries because they are not doing well within the garden itself. Slugs and creeping charlie, ack, they don’t stand a chance. Then I moved that icky composting mess, spreading the loose grass into the rows to be tilled in, putting most of the wet into a barrel composter I have, and then having to dump a last bit by the tomatoes where it will just get drawn down into the roots and will help my plant stay hydrated.

Washed up the tools. Washed my hands. Drank another cup of coffee while enjoying watching the cats enjoy the yard with me. Took some roasted broccoli out with me for lunch. And now that I’m indoors, ick, I can smell it. But mostly I’m pleased with my work. I used my muscles for several hours, I moved and enjoyed sunshine and cool shade, and lived in the moment. Whenever my head tried to trick me into thinking about other things, I sang to the cats. Or the bees. That’s one of the ways I’m working to take better care of my self – more using of my body to do real work. Drinking more water. Eating cleaner. And slowly it seems to be helping! Just two weeks ago my ankles were hurting so much all the time, that I was reluctant to push myself (although I did, cursing myself all the while). Today? Very little pain. I’m still stiff and yeah, the ankles look like balloons but nevertheless I do feel like dancing.

Shower soon! Then I am finishing the day with more oya bead trim making!

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