New job report!

Worksite of a Knobelsdorff Inc project
NOT my worksite – one of the company’s completed projects. I borrowed the picture from the website to show I’m working with the people that wire giants!…Giant buildings and containers…sheesh. I don’t think they work on Transformers.

Today I started at Knobelsdorff Electric, Inc, as a general, sales and marketing administrative assistant. And that’s just the title and place – I’m going to try to give you a feel for how welcoming and encouraging the staff were as I write this up.

It’s about a 35 minute drive through Zumbrota and then Goodhue and out into the country. This morning, I had the windows open and could hear birds; I saw deer and turkey and the ever-loving corn and bean crops. Knobelsdorff Electric is a company that grew up around the efforts of a family-owned business, tended well and expanded into a multi-state area. Teams of electricians operate from the main office, some of them living in company trailers while working on remote sites. I got a tour of the panel room, where they create electrical panels to be installed out on the work sites. And there are many desks of people identified as a ‘Lead,’ someone I believe that is a lead person overseeing a job site or part of a larger job – I’m new. It’s a new industry for me….I’m sure I’ll get it all straight in time. 😉

The business complex is numerous large buildings! So much to explore….although most of my duties will revolve around the website and social media channels.

I spent my first day getting logged in and then exploring what I was logged into. WordPress, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, FaceBook. Company email. Digging into how WordPress is set up, including some plugins I’ve never seen before and a theme new-to-me. I also had an absolutely fabulous time getting to know my new office-mates and other people in the building. I got the strong impression that no matter how hard we work to get our work done, to support the teams in the field and the projects in the pipeline, we will manage to have a good time. It’s a very supportive environment for employees. My immediate coworkers are just awesome people and the conversations about both work and personal situations make me certain I will be very happy here.


I’ll be at this desk from 8 – 1 every day, doing things I love to do. Can it get better than this? Yes, yes it can…my schedule has been arranged so I can get to the Rochester Public Library and so continue that fantastic job as well. Lucky me! Depending on when they get that bridge in, or if it’s not snowing and icey and I can jog my car over to Highway 63, I’ll have no trouble also working both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings on the Circulation Desk.

Things are pretty good in my little world right now! Hope your little world is doing well too!




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