Second Silly Human Trick of the Day

My own fault for letting them all outside, when it was raining.


I saw Samantha, our younger female, across the street so I growled her name at her. I’ve been practicing Dean Winchester’s “Sam!” growl to the point that the show confuses her terribly, so it didn’t surprise me but did please me that she froze. Sam would not come back across the street, though. Grumbling, I stalked in to slip on shoes and stalked out to go drag her home. I kept calling her as I walked. The bit of white at her chest proved she was looking at me but stubbornly refusing to move. I walked closer, finally moving on to the food-promising ‘kitty-kitty-kitty’ cause I didn’t want to have to chase her through the woods.

Ha! Just about the time she did bolt, I realized I’d cowed an oversized, white-tailed, multicolored rabbit!

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