Almost Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

It’s not over. And I’m sorry to say but it will be mostly spent sitting in this chair, getting stuff done. But so far it’s been good – I called my own mother, Linda Crim, and caught up. Then Ginny and I spent some “OMG Motherhood is great yet sticky and noisy” time. And now, for a story…

MothersDayWebOne of my favorite Mother’s Days was the Sunday my kids gave me fertilizer for the garden, and we spent part of the day working together out there. I don’t think they made it very long but I still enjoyed it no end, and have especially enjoyed telling the story of the year my kids gave me shit for Mother’s Day. Cause what can be better than good stories built out of good memories?

Well, this may top that gift. Ginny gave me “the blood of my enemies” this year. When I am attending an SCA event, my persona is one of an Irish woman trying to adapt to having Viking neighbors and not being too happy about it, even though I’ll wear their beads and bangles cause of local fashion demands. One must keep up appearances, I suppose.

Can’t wait to try this! Saving it for an especially good day to crack it open with friends…some of them Viking.

OK, I’m going to go buy some petunias and plop them into planters out front. That’s remained a Mother’s Day thing for me, getting out and doing a bit of gardening. I really need to tackle some other things today as well, but I can at least do some planting before the rain gets here.


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