Free Coffee for Me!

Free Coffee at Cafe Steam!

I met someone at Cafe Steam today to talk WordPress and small business and getting to know Rochester better, and hadn’t even looked around before I got my chai tea, hot, almond milk. Mary and I were talking about how nice the building was looking when I saw that they had added a “pay it forward” gifting board and that my name was on it.

Look it! Neat, huh??

No idea how long it’s been there; from reviewing past pictures on their FB page, I see this board was there in late March. I’d not seen it, though, and I was happily surprised to see my name.

I’ll be back tomorrow for Rochester Open Coffee Club unless I’m just too sleepy to get into clothes that early. I’ll claim it at that time and enjoy every delicious drop.

Thank You, Unknown Benefactor! May the Gods of Caffeinated People Everywhere smile upon your happy self.

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