First, write down all the things

Step one of climbing out of a hole….figure out how deep the hole really is.

Check list with two pens

Wait, is this possible? Must be, all the self help gurus say so and I think I collect most of their newsletters. They pop up in my inbox as frequently as the emails from the job search engines, and I think I’m on most of those lists, too. I’m about to reach the end of this semester, and need to seek additional income, preferably in the field I’m studying in, preferably part-time or adjustable hours so I can continue working at the Rochester Public Library.

I love that job. I stand at a counter helping people with circulation tasks. Checking in and out, finding reserves, solving issues with their accounts, setting up accounts. It’s helped me understand how I much I like to help people, and talk to people, and connect with them ever-so-briefly before they move on to the next place in their busy days. Let’s get their needs met and get them on their way in an efficient manner.

My next/other job may or may not offer me that authentic contact with people but having been reminded of how well I respond to this environment, I should strive to continue finding it in some aspect.

But mostly I need to play catch-up with the rest of my life before I start focusing too much on finding that brass ring. I’m updating the list today, which in itself is a form of avoidance, I suppose. Almost done, though; this post was written mostly to self-talk me through the process.



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