Creatives and Body of Work

Putting this here to remind myself to keep creating. It’s going to take a while, but it will take even longer if I don’t keep plugging away. And I want to create awesome things – don’t we all? I want to achieve awesome things. I want to bring awesome great things to the world. This is Ira Glass from This American Life. Do you listen to this show? I’m listening to the Google interview while typing this, and I think I’m going to find time to listen to the entire piece – it’s after midnight, the homework is in for last week and I’m going to sleep before I start up next week’s work.

Although I’m behind on my Lynda video-lectures. Oops. I’ve been watching ZNation while working on the art and website classes. Choices!

2 thoughts on “Creatives and Body of Work

  1. Hi I lucked up an ran across your site. Its probably cheesy but I LOVE YOUR NAME….LOL… nice idea with the bricks also. I make candles, maybe everyone name Jonya has an artistic streak in them…pretty cool. Anyway, cya!

    Jonya P.
    Suitland Maryland


    1. Wow…Jonya P., I’m Jonya P., as well. I love your name, too! I found out from Reference USA there are 261 Jonya-named people in the US.

      I’ve not actually talked to anyone else with our name, although I do know there is an artist in Turkey that is well-known; his fans find me at times. I have no idea what sort of art, though maybe we *do* all have a streak.



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