Treating myself better than ever before


My personal New Years Resolutions boil down to one simple statement: To treat myself better than ever before. To care that I’m happy, and to honor those things that make me happy. Such as spending time with friends and eating good food, both of which happened today.

Liz Coltom of Gecko Glass Creations and I met at The Thirsty Belgian, a restaurant and bar that has opened up on the south side of Rochester. OK….they opened up six months ago, but I rarely get down to that side of Rochester these days. She had a panini-style sandwich and I had the lovely goat cheese and beet salad you see above. I also had one of these! Just a hint of red coloring from the cherry juice and a touch of honey to cut the tart.


We had a slow meal together, chatting about things we have been doing, catching up. The waiter was awesome – I kept asking questions, such as why they had naan bread in a Belgian restaurant. Turns out they like naan bread and wanted to offer customers something a bit different for their pizza and appetizers. Their pizzas come loaded with wonderful fresh vegetables and sauces, and a variety of flavor combinations. I really wanted to have a sandwich, a pear and gouda with bacon sandwich, but selected to share a naan-with -cheese appetizer with Liz instead, and then also add in desert.

And wow, did I enjoy sharing the two small cupcakes we got! I’d not hear of Jem’s Confections either – they are a shop from Eyota. One cupcake was Belgian chocolate, of course. The other was a spice cake with a yummy white chocolate spice candied icing. Both Liz and I want to go back and bring friends with us. Soon!


It’s been a rough year. Not to go into a lot of yammering on about problems and fears, but just confirming that I do have problems and fears. heh. Don’t we all? Knowing that, I also confirm that I want to be kinder to myself and take care of what I can now, so I’m stronger to take care of the rest in the future. Plus whatever else comes down the river at me! I’m worth the pleasure of good company, good food, and anticipating experiencing that good happy time again. And I will.

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