Days when I can’t find my way out of a closet…

zombie phone map

It seems I wander around Rochester without a clue of where I actually am at. Heh. At least I’m having a great time!!

Seriously, I’m directionally-challenged. When I’m shelving and now that I’m more familiar with the stacks, I can fairly quickly find where the book by the prolific author goes. But can I remember which side of the door are the reserve holds that start with ‘P’? No way.

We shelve the DVDs and music CD reserves behind the circulation desk at Rochester Public Library. And the shelves are broken up by a door….the ‘P’ section is to the left…or it is on the right? Or are my coworkers messing with me? (faint chance of that, actually. Good people.)(except maybe now, they also have a sense of humor!)

All this is why I am very grateful for maps on phones. It means I can find things, especially great big museums smack down in neighborhoods I’ve never been in before, and restaurants I’ve not ever been to before. I do think it awesome that my new phone also tells me how many minutes I’m away from work, and it tells me this at moments sure to induce panic, such as at 9:05 on a morning I’ve slept in a bit. Love, love, love the maps.


What’s going to happen if all this technology comes crashing down on our heads? Using my favorite example of why we need to embrace readiness – The Zombie Apocalypse – how do I find my way to safety behind The Granite Walls of the St. Cloud Prison if I haven’t got a clue? (I know…I gotta get through the hordes there in the Twin Cities first) It’s somewhere up there to the northwest. And I *think* it’s up I90…but once I hit St. Cloud area, not any idea where to go. Maybe I’ll be able to find a local map in a local Kwik Trip where I’ll be wanting to stock up on jerky and candy anyway. I’m also assuming that I’ve not only survived, but survived sans car because the people fleeing the Hordes will be parked all over the roads and I’ll have had to abandon my car somewhere on Hwy 52.

Maybe I’ll just stay home. Our friend-circle plan for survival does include me sticking around, catching up with everyone and either bunkering here at my place, or appropriating a train after raiding Fleet Farm. But how will I know which is game on? It’s likely that the phones will be almost useless as everyone with one will be trying to call other people and the lines will be overloaded. Plus infrastructures like phone service quickly crumble in the movies… got to suppose I’ll have the same problem, but I don’t think breaking into a convenience store is going to solve this. We should just make better plans, huh?

Time for me to get up from this chair and do something useful. Thanks for reading my meanderings!

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